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If you couldn't guess from the sneak GIF above, the character that I reside with the most is Kaori from Your Lie in April ~
Kaori plays the violin and many other instruments just like I do! But her interests/hobbies/talents aren't only what define our similarities.
Kaori sends out such loving vibes towards all her friends, and even strangers. I'm willing to provide a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Although she's very eccentric,
she can be extremely intuitive. The way she views the world is exactly how I see it, too. Helping others is also a fault in us. We tend to get caught up in putting others before us that we forget to take care of ourselves. Kaori also handles her friendship with Kousei in a way I would have, as well. Spoiler: instead of telling him that she loved him, she limited their friendship in order to not hurt his feelings once she's gone.
In the end, Kaori really resides deep within myself and when watching Your Lie in April, it touched me in an extreme way. I have never felt so deeply for a character until I saw her. RIP my cherry blossom ✌ @InVinsybll
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this was such an amazing card! totally crushing and gotta move your lie in April up on the watch list lol