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New York City, the place artists dream about. The city where everyone whose anyone, our idols, struggled to get buy, working odd jobs and partying through the night because art was worth the shitty apartment and the hangovers. But the city that never sleeps isn't for the staving artists anymore. It has become a place where the corporate drones are starving. Struggling to get by with their 55k salary and 60 hour work week. Gone are the days of flat rate rent, trading performances for housing. For just getting by to get by; to sacrifice comfort for art. Because let's be real discomfort is art. New York has turned Starbucks. Over priced and unoriginal in the most painful sense of the word. New York is not for the starving artist anymore.
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@LizArnone yea makes sense. but it's better than being homeless and or sleeping on somebody else couch while chasing the dream to make it. so it can always be worse .
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@ChefSaud yes that is sooooo true! that just isn't the point I was trying to make! I'm just saying NYC isn't for artists anymore everything to to expensive and chains and corporate I can't wait to leave actually
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@LizArnone I don't blame you if I'm not mistaken it's about 63% more expensive just to live there than certain countries and about forty percent or so higher than where I am in Las Vegas.... it's ridiculous. I wouldn't call NYC ideal to live unless I'm making close to six figures or bringing in close to 80k to live comfortably
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@ChefSaud exactly !!!! Las Vegas must be pretty crazy to live in too! Do you like it ?
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@LizArnone it's uh... alright I guess it's not bad. It's just you see more girls being prostitutes here... and sex cards for escort service is super annoying
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