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Did you miss The Feels... (Part 1)? @alywoah wrote about it here.
This is my own rendition of The Feels... Feel free to write your own card!
(Do it! Do it! Do it!)
There is a diner out here in LA that I don't get to frequently, but when I've got the midnight munchies and don't want to be home, I rolodex the hell out of my phone. Sometimes waking my friends. Sometimes not getting a response. Other times just doing it solo. I'm talking about Norm's.
There was a time when I'd order an extra chocolate-y hot cocoa. Then I got wise. I stopped ordering it altogether and requested something that WAS NOT ON THE MENU: A BOWL OF FULL FAT, FULL SUGAR, FULL CALORIE WHIPPED CREAM.
And from that time back in 2013, till now, I always order a side bowl of whipped cream. And THEY NEVER CHARGE ME FOR IT!!!!
Screw bikini season. Try this the next time you're at a greasy spoon. Nix the hot cocoa and get a side of whipped cream!
@Taijiotter How do you make cream, creamier?
I always get hot chocolate when I go to a diner. The whipped cream is the best part! But if I want some whipped cream, I just buy a tub and keep it in the freezer. It never freezes solid, so it's like eating ice cream. It's the best treat!
Okay, I'm hitting Swingers with my friends this weekend! Then I'm going to write a card about it @danidee
@marshalledgar I think Swingers is my favorite one. The interior is so fun, and the food is DELICIOUS.
That's it @danidee? !?! I need to check out your places
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