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Did you miss The Feels... (Part 1)? @alywoah wrote about it here.
This is my own rendition of The Feels... Feel free to write your own card!
(Do it! Do it! Do it!)
There is a diner out here in LA that I don't get to frequently, but when I've got the midnight munchies and don't want to be home, I rolodex the hell out of my phone. Sometimes waking my friends. Sometimes not getting a response. Other times just doing it solo. I'm talking about Norm's.
There was a time when I'd order an extra chocolate-y hot cocoa. Then I got wise. I stopped ordering it altogether and requested something that WAS NOT ON THE MENU: A BOWL OF FULL FAT, FULL SUGAR, FULL CALORIE WHIPPED CREAM.
And from that time back in 2013, till now, I always order a side bowl of whipped cream. And THEY NEVER CHARGE ME FOR IT!!!!
Screw bikini season. Try this the next time you're at a greasy spoon. Nix the hot cocoa and get a side of whipped cream!
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@marshalledgar Norms is alright but when I go, I usually only get ice cream.
That's it @danidee? !?! I need to check out your places
@marshalledgar I think Swingers is my favorite one. The interior is so fun, and the food is DELICIOUS.
Okay, I'm hitting Swingers with my friends this weekend! Then I'm going to write a card about it @danidee
@marshalledgar Yessssssssssss.