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Some good ol' maknae smut. Sit back (if you can lol) and enjoy ^.^


One year and 8 months ago, you’d pretty much sealed your relationship with Jungkook with your first kiss. Now you were trapped, in your underwear, with no escape. His knees were on either side of you, holding you hostage for no apparent reason.
He pressed you down into the mattress and you desperately tried to lift your arms. “Jungkook, we promised that we’d meet them at seven.” you complained, straining to lift your arms. How was he this much stronger than you?
Jungkook just laughed at you, keeping you on the mattress. Why did he even have you down here? “Jungkook, come on!” you complained.
“Kiss me first” he said, grinning.
“I would love to, but I can’t get up” you stressed, once again, moving your arms.
Jungkook faked like he was going to kiss you but instead nipped at your neck, making you laugh despite yourself. You sighed and just laid there, a stupid smile on your face. Jungkook sat up and swiftly planted his lips onto yours. When your lips were set free, you gave him a look.
“Aren’t you going to let me go now?” you asked. Jungkook loosened his grip but immediately tightened them again when you started to move.
Maybe it was the fact that Jungkook tended to seem more mature than his age. Maybe it was because you were becoming desperate to get up. Maybe you’d just had a momentary lapse in sanity. Either way, the word slipped from your mouth and you were both stunned to silence.
“Oppa~” you’d whined, loud and clear. Jungkook cocked his head to the side, looking down at you. You watched the shift take over, a smirk sliding over his face.
“I-I didn’t mean to-”
“Say it again” he said, his smirk never leaving his face. You didn’t respond and he slapped your thigh. It wasn’t too painful but it did sting a bit. You sucked in a breath and he rubbed the area. “Say it again” he repeated.
“Oppa?” Jungkook threw his head back and moaned.
“That sounds so good...” he smiled. In the blink of an eye, his lips were smothering yours, his fingers raking up from your thigh to grab your chin. He shifted his position, one of his legs moving in between yours. “Don’t call me anything else” he instructed.
Jungkook rubbed his leg against the crotch of your panties and your eyelids jammed shut.
“Oppa” you moaned, sinking your nails into his back. Hearing the word fall from your lips, figuratively, induced an orgasm for Jungkook. The way your lips set to vocalize the word gave him shivers and he sunk his teeth into your neck. The noise that left your mouth was nothing but a scream and a moan molded together. His tongue swept over the teeth marks as his leg continued sliding against you. Your mind was void of any thoughts apart from how good he was making you feel.
Jungkook slid your bra under your breasts and sucked one into his mouth, his hand pawing at the other. By now he could feel your wetness through your panties and he celebrated by removing them. He took off his pajama shorts also, dropping them on the floor. His erection laid against your thigh as he moved to kiss your lips, two of his fingers exploring your folds.
His fingers brushed against your clit and you took in a breath, breaking the kiss. He sat up, grabbing his now rock hard cock in his right hand. He knew that you were beyond ready and he was too. He ran the head of his penis over your clit and your nails slid over the sheets. “Jungkook...please...” you gasped as he slowly slid over your clit.
Displeased with the use of his name, Jungkook slowed even more, rubbing the head repeatedly over your slit. Your back was arching, small beads of sweat beginning to form over your forehead.
“Please, please, just stick it in.” you groaned, your hips moving tortuously against his member.
He continued to punish you. Punishing you for disobeying his earlier instructions: “Don’t call me anything else”.
He pushed only the head of his member into you and immediately pulled it out. You were suffering, wanting nothing more than for him to slide his hardness into you. He spanked your clit lightly and you bucked your hips. He did it again and you moaned, finally releasing the word that he’d needed to hear again.
“Yes oppa!” you’d moaned. It was music to his ears, your exclamation making his cock twitch. He slid into you wholeheartedly, filling you up. You whimpered and moved your hips, urging him to fuck you senseless. Your fingers pulled at your hair as he slammed into you, moaning at your tightness.
It was amusing: before you’d met Jungkook, you hadn’t even had your first kiss but now you were a sweaty, sex-hungry woman. You were a beggar, willing to do close to anything for Oppa to get you off.
Oppa could feel his climax coming and it only made his thrusts more powerful, the headboard beginning to bang against the wall. Your heart was beating fast, your insides were tingling, and your mouth was dropping the word, “oppa” repetitively.
Oppa was a machine, driving into you mercilessly until he exploded. Your orgasm bubbled out of control as well and the two of you laid breathless on the bed. He was crushing you but you were too focused on catching your breath to care.
You tilted your head and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I love you Jungkook.....oppa” you tagged along. He smiled and moved his head to kiss you back.
“Love you too.”
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