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I can't believe Pokémon came out April 1st, 1997 in Japan. Charmander's reaction is the same exact reaction I had when I found out that it was aired, not only on my birth year, but birth month!!!
It's crazy looking back to when I first watched it.... I didn't even know what anime was~~ (shame on me, I know)
But that's okay, cuz now I'm an Amine Master (; @InVinsybll
lolololol Amine master XD XD and that's charmander, not charizard! but solid pick!
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oh, shoot! I'm a bit sleep deprived. I know I was thinking charmander, but I guess I typed charizard 😂😅 @InVinsybll
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At least the anime first came out then. The Gen 1 games first came out in 1996 (my birthyear) in Japan which makes 2016 the franchises 20th anniversary year.
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