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So, I finished this anime on maybe Sunday, and it was awesome. I sorta got a Another feel from it and i liked that because that meant the anime was gonna be suspenseful and bloody. It's basically about these two people, Saikawa and Moe, who go on a vacation and try to meet this woman, Dr. Magata. However, while in her lab, they witness her death! No one knows how this could be or even who killed the woman because no one can get in or out her room, only she can. So, Saikawa and Moe, and Dr. Magata's team works of how this could be and ultimately figure out how she dies and who killed her. This anime was filled with jokes, awesome quotes, and twist and AHAA moments. Highly recommended, so watch it XD
@culversyanne okay cool then.
great ^^
@InVinsybll hope ya like it
@InVinsybll only 11 episodes
this sounds dope! how long is it?
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