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Alright so here is Zack Snyders previous work, Man of Steel. This film possesses the strange ability to have people split in its likability. Seriously, you either love or hate this movie, or like or dislike like it. Half say that its the best Superman movie ever! while the other half says that its the worst Superman movie ever! As I do with many films, I walked into this movie without seeing any critiques nor did I get myself hyped for it as I believe that too much hype can kill a film as well as its expectations.
1) Kyrpton. Krypton looks pretty cool. Its got that vibe of an alien planet with strange creatures while also having futuristic technology that could change modern day. It may not look as good as Asgard, but Krypton has a very cool look to it.
2) The Action. While I dont like how so much is being destroyed, the fight scenes are awesome. You see Superman flying through the air and taking on 3 Kryptonians. They use their ship to rip the planet apart, there are explosions that would make Michael Bay jealous, and seeing Zod and Superman going at each other punch after punch has you biting your nails because Zod has picked up his skills quickly while Clark took almost 30 years to perfect his abilities.
3) Lois Lane. I kinda liked her in this. I mean I wish she was more dark-haired like her predecessors, but as long as she acts the part, Im willing to let it slide. Shes just as you would expect Lois to be: stubborn, curious, independent, witty and full of snark, and always chasing for a good story. Even when her story isnt accepted at the Daily Planet, she still finds a way to get it out there because shes just that damn determined. When Zod demands Lois be brought onto the ship (even though there was absolutely no reason why), she bravely goes onto the ship. She plays a part in stopping Zod and thats pretty cool. I like this Lois. I think shes pretty cool. Although the budding relationship between her and Superman isnt exactly budding. They talk a few times and then we see them kiss. Theres really no chemistry between them. I really wish there was more of an emotional connection between them. Aside from that, you go Lois! Also, let me add Russel Crowe to this. He did a pretty good job as Jor-El. I actually liked him in this.
1) The Non-Pain. Yeah does anyone notice how they just dont react to pain or the act of dying in this movie? Especially the dying part? Example: Kal Els mother is about to die in a fiery explosion, but when the explosion happens theres no screams of pain or groans of agony, just silence. Or how about when dear old Clarks dad dies in a freaking tornado. Again, just silence. He just takes it like a slap on the hand. Not even an ouch? Or when Jor-El is stabbed and mortally wounded. There isn't even a look of pain on his face! You can argue that theyre not afraid to die and thats fair enough, but theres a difference between death and dying. If you dont fear death, then you do fear dying because its the action of feeling the pain of fading away thats scary. Whether there is pain or not, I dont know, but there is always that sense of uneasiness towards the thought of dying. So to watch these characters die is not very believable, nor was it impactful to me. When Rocky gets hit, you know he's in pain, you almost feel his pain with every sound of the punch or a grunt or an oof that he lets out, you feel for him because you know it hurts. When Snape kills Dumbledore with a killing curse, we believe Dumbledores death because of the gasp of shock, that look in his eye, and the force that pushes him off the tower. Hell, even Snapes death is believable because we hear him shout and groan in agony from Naginis bites. In this movie, its just not believable. The only ones that are believable are the citizens because no one is going to survive a freaking building falling and Zods death by Superman breaking his neck…which btw honestly didnt bother me. Im actually okay with it because its Supermans first (direct) kill, a kill of his own brethren, the last of his kind, which can be argued that itll impact him so much that he will never want to kill another life ever again.
2) Clark Kent/ Superman. Henry Cavill is a pretty good actor, but Clark Kent and Superman come off as bland to me. Theres just....nothing. No spark. Nothing that makes me say oh thats Superman. He always has that far-off look on his face, which fits for some scenes, but not every other scene. He mostly looks bored. When he does show emotion its either an almost half-hearted smile or screaming in anger/agony. Although I didnt like his performance, I cant exactly put the blame entirely on him. In many instances such as this, its usually the directors either sense of directing the actor or lack thereof.
3) The Out of Order Flashbacks. They make no freaking sense. At least in Batman Begins, the flashbacks made sense and segwayed pretty well. Here, its just thrown together. In fact, theres too many flashback scenes interrupting the present which prevents us from getting to know Clark from the get go. First, we see him as a baby, thats ok because its Supermans first movie in the modern day. Then we see him in present day saving people on a ship which immediately goes to his childhood, back to the present for 2 minutes then back to the past, then the present but we get less Clark and more of the other characters. We dont know Clark as of now. Its like putting together a puzzle, but rather than seeing if a piece fits completely, you just start slapping them together into something unrecognizable.
4) The Tone. The tone is just too dreary and bleh. It feels like theres no color. When there is color, it looks dulled out or not as bright as it should be. Theres too much grays and blues and anything shadowy. Its trying to make the film look serious and thats the problem, its taking itself TOO seriously. Its Superman not a documentary on WWII. Im not saying it cant be serious, but add a little humor, a little light; dont just drown it in darkness and sadness. Dont even get me started on how John Kent talks to Clark like hes freaking Jesus. When Clark saves his classmates from certain death, his father tells him that maybe he shouldve let them die rather than expose himself. Saying that hell amaze the world someday and take the world by storm, but now was not that time. Dude, hes a kid so talk to him like a kid. You need to be more careful. If you use your powers, make sure no one sees you do it. Dont tell him not to save his friends! Dont be singing his praises either! Hes a kid with powers, but hes still a kid. Dont fill his head with high expectations. This movie needs to take it down a notch.
5) The Destruction. This is my biggest issue with the movie. Superman, as we know him in comics, the animated series, hell even the live action tv series was always there to save the day. Was he always successful? No. But he made sure that no one or very few people were hurt. Before I make my point, let me compare this to a couple other movies. The Batman movies by Christopher Nolan and the Marvel movies leading up to The Avenegrs, what do they have in common? They put the safety of others, the safety of the citizens before anything. In both movies, you see the hero(es) fight the enemy while trying to keep away from the civilians. The Avengers are a very good example of this seeing as when they all worked as a team, they were fighting an entire army of aliens, while trying to evacuate citizens at the same time. They did their best to keep the fight away from innocent bystanders. Batman from the Nolan movies, while doing a chase in the streets, tried to isolate the fight when it came between him and his opponent. Man of Steel doesnt care if citizens get hurt or killed. Superman doesnt even try to isolate the fight. When he goes to save his mother, he brings the fight into the town! How does that help?! While you can argue that Zods destroyer-thing didnt help much either, HOWEVER, once Superman deactivates it, he and Zod fight throughout Metropolis: through buildings, streets, all while innocent people were dying from said destruction. You can argue that this makes the situation more real, but this is fiction. There was no need to see all of this bloodshed. Superman is supposed to symbolize hope and peace NOT destruction and misery. Batman v Superman did the same thing. It brought more reason for people to fear these heroes than to be relieved due to all the destruction and death.
So whats my main conclusion? I dont think its great, but its not horrible. I just dont like it. Its too dark and boring, the story is all over the place along with its flashbacks, and its just so disconnected. If you like it, thats fine and I can see why you would like it. However, I dont see this as a good Superman movie. Its not the best, but it isnt the worst (that award goes to Green Lantern). Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I dont get any requests by Thursday, Ill just put something out. K? Fair? Goodie.
I'm sorry but the last two superman movies just didn't click with me like you said the color was an issue. it was really depressing for me at times. I still prefer Christopher Reeve
if you haven't made a Green Lantern review, you should
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Well Snyder's not directing it so it should be. Fingers crossed
I just know Wonder Woman better be good
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