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《Day 3: Favorite Music Video》

I think it is hard to have just one favorite, so what I actually mean is my top 500!!

Not really 500 but it sounds legit. . .

☆☆ My card I do what I want ☆☆

나하고 놀자 《》 Play With Me ♡

I feel everyone must know this song! This song is most definitely my top one!

☆ Video #1: Shooting Star: Japanese Version

☆ Video #2: Shooting Star: Korean Version.

《Everyone must know both versions too》

☆☆☆ Not A Boy, Not Yet a Man ☆☆☆

You're welcome!

♧ This is my death. I'll see yall on the flip side!!

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@Tigerlily84 OH YEAHHHH
2 years ago·Reply
@Tigerlily84 LMAO this next card I'm working on. . . is gonna have a disclaimer that it is long so. . .
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@Tigerlily84 HAHA #SHAMELESS 😂😂😂😂
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