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Since I started studying beer, I thought the product was marginalized.
Not in the sense that it doesn't have value, but in the sense that it limited to when people think it's acceptable to enjoy a beer. I mean, why is a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary acceptable breakfast beverages and a Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA not?
I guess someone has heard my cries on the limitations put on beer, as independent Scottish brewery joined forces with Dundee marmalade to create a beer lover’s breakfast spread called Marm & Ale.
For those who want marmalade in their beer, Innis & Gunn has you covered on both sides, because they created a marmalade flavored beer for all those marmalade fans out there.
Right now, Marm & Ale is only available at Innis & Gunn’s restaurant, The Beer Kitchen. I doubt this will stay that way though, as I think this product will not only be a big success but has great crossover appeal.

What would you pay for a jar of beer-fused marmalade?

I wanna know where I can get this beer marmalade? I don't drink alcohol but I like the taste of beer, so if I can have that on toast in the morning, I'm gamed lol!
This reminds me of the beer-based caramel sauce at Karl Strauss. It's got a really subtle beer flavor that makes it taste even creamier.