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Genre; Angst/Fluff He held her hand, thinking on how lucky he was to have her in his arms. She wiggled a bit and her expression hardened a little. ‘A dream..’ he thought as she moved her head to the side. His eyes never left her sleeping figure. He just couldn't look away from the beauty in front of him. His jaw clenched as he knew that by morning, he would be gone. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. They needed him just as much as she needed him, they were just different reasons. But what could he do other than just take in the masterpiece in front of him? Funny thing is, this is how you feel about him. The way he looked at her, made your already aching heart, hurt even more. But what could someone like you do other than admire him from afar? Sensing a presence behind, he turned abruptly. Though you have moved, you knew that he was looking through the window. He knew someone was out there, he just didn't want to check who it was. The air around you was fresh and moist, but why did it feel like you were burning? Your beating heart, felt like a steak had gone through numerous times along with the feeling of you just standing in the sun. But it was just dark outside and your heart was beating, but for the wrong reasons. Sighing, you looked down at the ground and smiled an emotionless smile. A tear slid down your cheek, slowly falling off your face. You couldn't stand the fact that you weren't her. You never were going to be her, but it's okay. He's happy with her, so you should be happy too, right? It just hurts a little too much. ‘Maybe this is for the best…’ you concluded, only to try to comfort yourself from the current heartbreak and failing miserably. You ran away. You couldn't take it anymore. The scene of him touching her face, wouldn't leave your open mind. By this time, more tears were coming out, but they slid off your face as fast as they came out. You didn't care though. All you knew was that you needed to get away. Tripping over something, you fell to the ground, face first the pain only lasting for only a millisecond. Slowly, you raised your head, your tears making it hard to see clearly. A hustled sob came out of you, and you let it come. You laid on your side, having a hard time to control your breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. In the middle of it, a twig snapping echoes through the lonely forest. Your body jolted up and looked at the direction where the sound came from. Tears stopped coming in a waterfall, but only a few trickled down your cheeks. Footsteps could be heard, even if they were faint. Long antlers poked out of the bushes, followed by a head. The deer looked at you, but made no movement whatsoever. It was like a staring contest, neither of you moved or even wanted to. It's long legs stomped The ground, followed by some sort of nod. You reached your hand out, but the deer turned his head to the side and, signaled towards West. The deer walked the other way as a single howl was heard. Then there was a growl. The smell of blood reaches your nostrils. Feeling your adrenaline pumping through your body, you quickly ran towards the smell, completely forgetting about the deer. Keeping close, yet far enough to not be detected, you heard more growls along with whimpering. Your naturally red eyes, caught sight of something moving fast, hitting every wolf that got too close. Your eyes skimmed the battlefield. There are approximately twelve wolves surrounding them. They have different colored furs but have the same sky blue eye color. Blue Nightmare. An agonizing yell was heard, along with a scream. Your eyes followed where the scream was coming from. A single girl was running towards them. Blood rushed down her arm, but it didn't seem like a scratch or anything from the wolves. Did she inflict it on herself? Her blood now, wafting more and more into the air as she ran towards the scene. Her blood was the blood that got you to the scene. Could she have cut herself to try and attract help? Your eyes trailed back to the scene, the wolf had his mouth around the latter's arm. Then it hit you- grey hair, black pants, and the girl looked all too familiar. Your eyes widened as realization courses through you. Feeling angry, you left out of your spot and jumped to the scene. The wolves weren't expecting you, as you tackled some of them that were targeting the female or were after Yoongi. The fur on your fingernails disgusted you. You hated hurting these beings as it breaks your heart in hurting an animal that was just like you; another life walking this earth. Everything moved too fast. At your feet laid a wolf, slowly whimpering, taking it's last breaths. Your body felt like it was burning, as tears threatened to spill once more. The blood on your hands, glistened uglily in the moonlight. You fell on your knees, You couldn't do this. You couldn't finish off the job you got yourself into, but you didn't have to finish it. The wolf's eyes went in and out of focus, trying to stay focused on one thing. His heavy breathing came to a halt, and suddenly no sound came out of the being. Its eyes wide opened, looking at nothing now. Hastily You closed the animal's eyes, once more feeling the stinging in your eyes and the warm liquid making its way down your cheeks. You looked back at Yoongi and the female, Yoongi was holding her, his arm had teeth marks but he was still holding her close. Your fury once more taking over, you walked towards them and pried them off of each other. Your eyes never left him, as your hand made contact with his face. “Never again,” you started, “Never again will I help someone like you. What the hell were you doing that this had to happen?” His eyes skimmed your facial features. “It's my fault-” the female started, but you quickly slapped her as soon as she started once more. “Y/N! I know you hate hurting animals, but these attacked the love of my life. Haven't you ever been in love to want to even risk it all for them?” Yoongi said. “So you're saying that you would kill animals just For someone that you ‘love'? For someone pretty smart, you're pretty stupid. Every life is precious Yoongi. I would do anything for the person that I love, but this is something else.” I forced a smile and took a step back, “I'm in love with you, but you're just another idiot.” I turned on my heels and ran away from them. In no way, will I ever bring myself to hurt another animal. I may want to be hurt by others, but I wouldn't want to bring harm to them. Somehow along the way, I felt that this would be some sort of love story, where I get the guy, blah blah blah. Well not everything goes right huh, we just gotta move on. I stopped running and looked around my surroundings. The trees were all different from the other, other than the fact that they were all tall. Bushes were all around me, and the scent of nature wafted its way through my nose leaving me at peace for a moment. A twig snapped behind me, and I turned towards the sound. The deer from before, peeked its head through the bushes. I smiled at it and walked towards him. I raised my hand indicating that I wanted to touch him. He took a step forward, pressing his face against my palm. I stroked his fur, and he leaned in to my touch. My hands traveled down its neck and I hugged him. His neck went onto my shoulder, and I closed my eyes. Feeling something a weird sensation, along with a form change, I opened my eyes. The deer disappeared, and a boy was standing in its place. Weird thing is, the boy is smiling, but he has no clothes on. You look away, feeling your cheeks burning. The boy places his hand on your chin and makes you look at his face. His brown hair that is slightly covering his eyes, looked very soft and touchable. His brown eyes, made you feel funny inside, something that Yoongi didn't make you feel. His boxed smile, brought a smile to your own face. Without realizing, he leaned in and kissed your forehead. You closed your eyes, the sensation of his lips on your front made you feel amazing. He removed his lips and intertwined his fingers with yours. You both started walking through the forest that didn't look lonely anymore. Truth be told, you didn't know anything about this boy. All that is about to change. Maybe this might not be a love story, but it's the start of one.
Honestly, this wasn't what I planned, but overall I think it came out better than what I originally thought. Anyways, how did this short story go? Can you guess who the other boy is? By the way, there's a hidden memory in this story. If someone can find it, I'll write you a story or something. ^-^
I hear deer and immediately think luhan😂
Please tag me in other stories! This is so well written 💛💛
@FalseLove No, Yoongi and her are vampires. @Starbell808 'Blue Nightmare' is the name of the wolf pack. @MsLoyalHeart It is a memory, but that's not it.
I really liked it. I've never read something like this before it was good
It's really sweet and interesting😆
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