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For today's Waifu Wednesday the theme is non-human girls, and I want to talk about the girl who always makes me cry....Isla from Plastic Memories!

She's not the first non-human that came to mind simply because she looks so human, but really, Isla is an andoird created to be human like.

From the moment you see Isla, you know she's special & cute, but I never expected how much I would cry watching it!!!

If you haven't seen it before, I highly recommend checking out this show (if you're okay with crying lol)!

Here's a card I wrote about it before :)

Isla, you're one of my favorite non human characters ever <3

I'll always think of you as totally adorable!
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my waifu
2 years ago·Reply
Loved this anime but cried for 4 days
2 years ago·Reply
I'll have to watch this now!
2 years ago·Reply
@SAMURXAI prepare your tissues ;_;
2 years ago·Reply