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When I got back into anime after years of not watching it, the first show that I watched was Elfen Lied. And wow. Just wow. It's something I'll certainly never forget...she's also the first character I ever cosplayed.
And that's why I'm showing some Lucy / Nyuu gifs for today's WW non-human edition!!!
I'm not bothered by a lot of blood or violence, but if you are, don't watch this show or keep scrolling!!

Why do I like Lucy/Nyuu...?

Well, first off, she's really cute when she's Nyuu, even if she's just a shell. I also think she was quite cute & sweet when growing up, but circumstance and the fact that she was a Diclonius made life difficult.

When she gets mad, she gets MAD!

Right or wrong, Lucy fights for what she believes in, and she does a really fantastic job at it. She's totally vicious in fact.

More than gore...

This series gets a lot of attention for being gorey (and it is lol) but it also really shows something about how much someone can go through for being different, and what it can cause. Of course, this is an extreme case due to what Lucy is capable of, but it's still heartbreaking to see her struggle growing up as something so close to being human, but so different.

Anyways, that's Lucy/Nyuu!!

you like her cause you saw her naked 馃槀
Lucy's story made my heart hurt. especially the way it devolved in the manga
I hear such good things about elfin lied, it's on my watch list for the near future, Lucy seems super awesome and pretty.
@BryceTerao eyyy now ;P
wow I remember this anime! very nice...dark with lovely moments ... sweet&sour I guess.lol
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