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Shoulder appreciation!

No Seungcheol I am not cheating on you, I am just introducing everyone here to other awesome and good looking guys.... (That's a lie I've kinda been looking at other guys, what can I say I love guys with nice shoulders, and/or nice lips)
BTS Jin, all of you knew he was going to be on this list right? The King of Shoulders in my opinion. The one and only Kim Seokjin. If you have been friends on Vingle with me for a while you know that this is my UB. His shoulders make me doubt his title of "Princess". The pictures above emphasize his shoulders.
Leo of Vixx has some of the sexiest shoulders too. He makes me drool. If he isn't at least number 3 on your bias list for Vixx there must be something wrong with you. Jung Taekwoon rocks those shoulders though.
This is another guy who sneaked onto my bias list...I couldn't help it his shoulder game is strong!!!! Shownu of Monsta X has some nice broad shoulders!
Sehun of EXO. If this guy's smoldering gaze doesn't kill you his shoulders will! Even though he is skinny he has broad shoulders!
OhmyLord 😍😍😍😍
Those broad shoulder on all the guys are so attractive!!! 😍😍😍
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