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Ok so this morning I was thinking about how my phone doesn't allow me to have that many photos or else it won't let me get apps. So, I told my friend that my phone was holding 1,041 photos and that 873 of them were anime. What he said, "Just delete all the anime pics. Then there will be plenty of room." What I said, "Yea. I guess you're right..." What I thought, "NOOOOOO MY PRECIOUS!!!" But then he said, "Good glad you agree! Now let's get it over with." Then he sat next to me and wouldn't move till I was done deleting them. (We were on the bus) I was like, "Dude we're gonna be late!" He said, "well then I'm waiting." Then I had to sit there and endure the pain that was deleting every single one of those photos...all 873...馃槶 I died a little...馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 now I'm left with 200 and something pics.馃槗
@DevilsSon true...馃槒
i have the same problem i had to let go of some馃槩 but that just means mor new ones馃榾
you shouldn't have complied you Should've just cold cocked that fucker then stepped on it's face and said I'll die before they go any where that's what I would've done
@EmmaJolie I feel so bad for you
@JayKumor tbh I get in trouble a lot but that is honestly something I don't wanna get in trouble for. My mom is terrifying when she's angry
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