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Now that spring break has come to a close, most of us are reflecting on how much fun we had last week. Maybe we stayed home and binged a new TV show, or maybe we went on a trip or went to a few house parties.

Whatever we did, however, pales in comparison to Dragon Ball Z's Goku, who took to the streets of LA on his flying nimbus.

On his way, Goku makes a number of new friends - old people, dogs, frat boys, and a giggling teenage girl who chases after him.

What would Chi-chi say?!

Check out Goku's LA adventure in the video above, and then let me know:

What did YOU guys do during spring break?

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@danidee I did have fun. It was relaxing.
Goku is Asian. not Caucasian, as the anime/cartoon originated from Asian countries
I wonder why they put "prank" in the title
I want one then an pan outfit
@AleciaReedy Hahahaha would you ride it around your town?