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Hello everyone so as many of you are anime fans, have you ever gone through these following problems?

People judging a certain anime/manga, or anime/manga character you enjoy.

I have gone through this problem so many times I can't even keep count anymore! It sometimes occurs with either anime fans asking me why I enjoy an anime/manga or a specific character from an anime/manga. I have begun to learn how to ignore questions such as that by simply just telling them that its my opinion and theirs might be different, but it doesn't change mine.

Getting hungry while watching anime or reading manga because they always have to show food!

Is it just me or do you get hungry when they show food in anime/manga? I do and its so difficult to ignore it because it looks so appetizing!

Parents or other people walking in so suddenly.

I bet we have all had that moment when we were watching an anime or reading a manga that a scene occurs where it may have a sexual act or kissing scene in it and parents or someone walks in suddenly. This problem mainly occurs with anime because some of us aren't too quick to open up a new tab just in time. >.<

Getting hit with the feels!!! ( ≧Д≦)

We've all watched a very depressing anime or have read a very heartbreaking manga, right?! I hate when I begin to get all emotional especially when I'm watching a very emotional anime or reading a sad manga in public. I hope I am not the only one...

Having too much anime to watch and no time for other plans!!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

When someone suddenly ask you if you wanna hangout, but you got no time too many animes to watch in so little time! Like what if you die tomorrow!? YOU NEVER KNOW!!! I even had to cancel plans I had because I literally had a book full of anime titles just so I could watch those animes!

When anime/manga feels like its now your it has literally taken over your life that's all you do in your spare time!

Have any of you had that feeling before? Has anime or manga become what you do most of your time rather than school or work, reality stuff basically. ((A little story for you all, I actually was depressed for like a year because of my father's death and all that I actually suffered from suicidal thoughts and all, but three years later I found anime and manga and it basically helped me get rid of all the negativity.))

Last Problem and the worse problem is running out of good anime/manga you are interested in!!!!! ┛*`Д´|┛・・~~┻━┻ ┳━┳

I can guess we have all gone through this problem once! Its honestly the most stressful situation because you have to go through a bunch of animes just to find a few or just even one!!
Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this card and Thank you for your time!!

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these are my everyday problems not just with anime but kpop too
i judged one punch man before watching or even reading it but my cousin said i should watch it and i did and i dont regret a thing
all day, everyday. you understand 😂
i love the gifs!!! where's the penguin from? he looks familiar... and what anime is the one with the guy jumping out the window???
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