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Genre: Fluff Pairing: MJ x Reader
It was a normal Friday afternoon; it was the middle of your shift and all you wanted to do was go home and burrow under your blankets as you catch up on all the dramas youve been watching. The flower shops business has been particularly slow today, the customers coming in twos or threes every other hour, and it was safe to say that you were bored out of your mind. Sometimes, you wonder why your family didnt pick a much more entertaining line of business. You were about to doze off at the counter when you heard the door to the shop open, the faint tinkling of the bell hanging over the doorframe reaching your ears. You immediately straightened out, blinking away the sleep from your eyes. Once your vision cleared, your eyes fell on a young man around your age, his posture and overall aura somewhat relaxed as he looked around the shop. You couldnt deny that he was really good-looking, as you were suddenly conscious of the way you were seated and the way your hair looked. It didnt take much time before he caught your eye, a bright smile spreading over his face once the initial contact was made. You smiled back politely, folding your arms in front of you on the counter in an attempt to look proper. You noticed that he had a camera strapped around his neck, his fingers loosely gripping at the lens. He saw you looking and his expression suddenly turned bashful as he scratched the back of his neck. I hope you dont mind but, I only came in here to take pictures. Is that okay? It took you a few moments to process what he had said, mainly because you were surprised at the sweetness of his voice, as you expected something more bright and cheery that could equate with his smile. Nonetheless, you nodded. Sure, go ahead. The boy bowed gratefully before proceeding to walk around, surveying the numerous displays of flowers and other plants that your shop had to offer. You absentmindedly thought about how you wanted take the whole wishing-for-a-more-entertaining-business thing back. The next few minutes were filled with silence and the occasional sound of the cameras shutter going off. You tried to busy yourself with the inventory and other shop records, but every so often, your gaze would be brought back to this mysterious photographer. You took notice of how good he looked in just a simple white tee and denim jacket paired with faded black jeans, how his tongue would slightly peek out through his lips every time hed snap a picture, and how he seemed to fidget every time hed catch you looking. Another fifteen or so minutes passed before the boy walked up to the counter, his camera poised and ready in his hands. You turned towards him, your eyebrow raised in question. Iuh, wanted to ask you if I could take your picture? I just think that youd be a great addition to my portfolio. Only if you want to be included, that is. The boy was looking at you hopefully, which didnt help with the blush creeping up your cheeks. A-Alright, you reluctantly agreed, shifting around in your seat a bit. Just relax and do whatever it is that youre doing. He flashed you another one of his bright smiles and you couldnt help but smile back. That face could light up the whole universe, you thought to yourself. After a few shots, the boy lowered his camera, his expression satisfied. Perfect, he said. Thank you so much. You shook your head. Its nothing. Im Myungjun, by the way. The boy extended his arm towards you and you gladly took it into your own, noting the feeling of his warm skin making contact with yours. Im ________. Myungjun pulled his hand back before bowing again slightly. It was nice meeting you, ________. Myungjun glanced at his watch. I have to go now. Although, I must tell you that Ill be back again tomorrow. You were more than surprised to hear this. Really? Why? Myungjun just smiled knowingly. Anyone is bound to come back if it meant seeing a face as pretty as yours.

Credit: @astroscenes

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