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Muahahahaha. . . Yes I realize I have posted twice in same day, but I need to post one more just because.


This card is long; meaning it is gonna have quite a bit of songs in it. . .
♢ Favorite Live Performance: Let's just say that hypothetically, I don't have just one favorite live performance. So, I'll post my


♢ Also, I've said this many times, I love their stage presence! They are so loveable, adorable, and hyper on stage!

☆ Billion Dolla ☆

This song was in their mini movie, ZEDD. It's 1 hour of cheesy goodness, but I love the movie to pieces. Also, I know the dance.

♧♧ GO ME ♧♧

♤ Keep On Dancing ♤

I love this song!

No No No

Haha yes this one too!

Can we just all admire them?! And the ShinTaku moment at the beginning: like 20 secs in!

Love Game

Just Bask in this perfection!

☆ Hey Casper, you know what ⌚ time it is? Time to play the Game. Let's Go.

What sorcery do I need to have to make them want to play the love game with me⁉


☆ You got me La-la-la loving you like I'm going crazy. . .

English Version:

☆ You got me st-st-st-st stunning Yeah like I’m going crazy. . .

I’m ou-ou-ou-ou outta my mind. . .

I’m going crazy. . .

☆ ☆ ☆ Again their stage presence is wonderful ☆ ☆ ☆

Page Of Love

This is the video that will be the death of my emotions.
Too much cuteness in one video!!


1) Cross Gene 2) Seyoungie 3) SANGMIN and his damn "gwiyomis" He says. 4) Cross Gene smiling 5) Cross Gene Breathing 6) Cross Gene in general 7) Cross Gene running on stage 8) Cross Gene JUST BEING CROSS GENE

♢ One Way Love ♢

Definitely needs to be known.

⛅ Sky High ⛅

☆ Appreciate the Cross Gene Birdies.

☆ I Know this dance too!

☆ Aren't they adorable!!!


♧ I can't see anything without you girl. I just keep thinking about you all the time. . . .
《Scusi, Sangmin, I'm right here boo. Come marry me now》
♧ And now I'm stuck in this darkness Looking for my sunshine, my solar
《Casper babe, I didn't know you felt that way. STSHHH0PPPPP. What would the others say?》

《Amazing Bad Lady》

Probably gonna go Die now. . . . it was nice knowing all of you.

☆ ☆ ☆ My Babies ☆ ☆ ☆


Throw this in for good measures!! ♡

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Okay! I promise this is the last Cross Gene Card for today!! I wanted to get caught up a bit!!

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