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Good evening nakama I'm AloraGrimm and drumroll plz..... I'll be your new comedy Manga mod Yay so to introduce myself I am of the female orientation a HUGE fan of all things manga and anime so much so that I willingly suffer from animangaitis..... for those of you that don't know what that means... someone who suffers from a dependent need to constantly watch anime and read manga or suffer withdraw leading to eventual death.
I am a huge fangirl of Black Butler I play DnD yes atk of the nerds and I'll just tell you outright I may be a little crazy..... maybe
So to get down to it I'm going to be introducing you to some of my all-time favorite sites once you click open these sites you will never go anywhere else again it is literally like that box you open and it's just like ahhhhhhhh moment once you open that box you can't stuff its awesomeness back in
so starting off with this is beyond epic and so user-friendly I can't even accurately describe this site is what I I want to have the largest manga base in existence with new manga being added every single day of the hour it is literally in this photo alone totaling 20077 as of me posting this the great thing about this is when you search for Manga that you can search for any genre available there's literally more than 20 different types so you can search for you can even search for how many chapters you want to read so if you want to go for a one shot chapter or if you wanna be reading for a good chunk of time with more than a hundred chapters not to mention the user interface is absolutely amazing as you can bookmark any longer you're reading that you want to go back to or if you're in the process of finishing it and you have a bookmark that there is even if history tab where you can look at what you were reading for the past good chunk of time and there's also an account setting so how you want to read it and the best feature of all is you can scroll no more flipping page-by-page you can honestly every single image for the chapter and scroll down it is epic
have you ever been depressed with the fact that the series that you absolutely adore have been waiting for forever has been discontinued or just stop being translated or you have no idea just blew up off the face of the Earth and you can't find it well this site may be an answer to your solution I found personally for some types of manga that I have been enjoying that this site holds chapters that have been translated however you have to go to a secondary site to get the translated meanings for through bubbler what this site is a continuation of translated work that a single person is starting to have transformed into an entire community I know this is getting kind of long and explanations for everything I'm telling you but trust me this is like gold I would not be telling you if this was not worth your time to check it out so how the site works as you go on otakumole you find whatever it is you're looking for and then when you click the link on the chapter and it'll give u a link for the images uploaded if they a translation done
now enjoy I do so hope this has helped to facilitate your need for Manga enjoy the rest if ur Tuesday