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Hello fam~ Here is another chapter of Running Towards You! I also made a new cover for the series! (Like it?!?!) You can also follow me on Wattpad for this series as well as I will be posting it both here on Vingle and on Wattpad! But enough with that and back to the story! Enjoyyy! XD (Credit to owners)

Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I got you lovelies~
Chapter 9
I opened my eyes to find myself on my back, looking up at the clear blue sky. Where am I? I got up and started to search my surroundings, realizing that I was no longer in the hotel. I wandered around for a little bit when I was suddenly met with a field of flowers. Hesitantly, I walked into the field and that was when I saw that two men started walking towards me.
“I want you to choose me, Y/N,” the one had said. “We had a moment on the patio. You almost kissed me. You have feelings for me.”
“No, Y/N,” The other one cut into my view, pushing the other onto the ground. “I like you. I told you last night as we walked around the lake. Do you feel the same for me?” He asked me. Confused, I had decided to turn around and run away when I bumped into someone else.
“Remember me?” the man had said. “We rode the Ferris wheel together. Does that mean nothing to you?” He said, reaching his hand out to help me up. I decided to not grab his hand and I got up on my own, avoiding them. Running away from this situation seemed like the only answer. I started running and the beautiful field of flowers suddenly turned into a dark forest. I kept on running, getting away from them. I could hear their footsteps behind me, chasing me. Terrified to look back, I kept on running and running from this encounter. That is when HE stopped me in his path. I halted.
“Y/N,” he said, slowly walking towards me. I stood there, frozen. He stopped right in front of me, only a small space separating us. “I am the one you like. I am your bias, remember? How could you let these other two guys get to you? I am the only one you need,” he asserted. His hand went up to my face, caressing it, and I could feel his fingers against my cheek. They were so cold. Almost, inhumanly cold. I looked up to see that he was no longer the man I once cherished, but a ghost with no identifiable features. I broke away, terrified, and proceeded to run. All 3 were chasing after me, relentlessly, through the forest that never seemed to end. I have to keep going. It was then that my foot caught in a branch of one of the trees and I fell, my hands bracing my fall. With no strength left to try to get back up, I saw them walking towards me. I looked up to see them, smiling holding out their hands, no longer the terrifying people that were chasing me, just themselves.
“Who do you chose Y/N?” they all asked simultaneously, waiting for my answer.
“Y/N!!” someone screamed. I violently bolted up in a cold sweat, terrified and confused from my dream. I looked around to see Jess and Choon-Hee hovering over me. Choon-Hee’s arms were on mine, holding me tightly, most likely trying to shake me to wake up. I must have looked helpless and scared as they both immediately hugged me as soon as my eyes opened.
“We were so scared Y/N!” Jess said, crying into my shoulder.
“You were screaming in your sleep, and you weren’t waking up. We did not know what to do!” Choon-Hee wept. They were both holding onto me so tight. I slowly wrapped my arms around them, telling them that everything was ok. I used to have dreams like this all the time, but no one was really around to witness them. I feel bad that they had to see that. This one was alarmingly creepy though. Who knew that the EXO members could be so scary? I sighed, holding both of them, and reassuring them that everything was fine. After a few minutes, they let go of me, relieved to see that I was ok.
“What made you so terrified, Y/N?” Jess had asked, in between her gasps of air.
“It was oddly about the EXO members,” I said giving them a confused look. “They were fighting for my affections, which wasn’t scary at first, but then it turned dark real quick. One of them suddenly turned into a ghost and was touching my face. Then, they all started chasing me and I tripped and fell, scared of what would happen, when they asked me to choose one of them,” I told them, looking to also see the puzzling looks on their faces.
“They were…fighting for your affections?” Choon-Hee asked bewildered.
“Yeah,” I confirmed. “It must be because of everything that happened last night,” I stated, peeking their interest. They suddenly leaned closer, giving me this look. “W-what?” I asked, feeling pressured.
“Soo, what happened last night?” Jess asked, trying to get something out of me.
“N-nothing,” I said avoiding their gazes. That just seemed to increase their suspicions further. That was when my phone dinged. It was (coincidentally) right next to me and I looked down to see that it was from D.O. I looked up to see them looking at the phone as well. I tried to grab my phone before they could, but Choon-Hee, the sly fox she is, was able to snatch it before me.
“Ooo, what is this?” She asked, her mood instantly changing, giving me that smirk that would cause trouble.
“G-give it back!” I said getting out from under my covers and going after her, trying to grab my phone.
“Not until I read it first~~” she said running around the room. I was running after her, and I saw that she had opened the text.
“Good morning, Y/N! I hope you slept well~-” she started to read aloud. I continued following her around the room, embarrassed to have them see it. “Thanks again for last night. I just wanted to say that you don’t have to feel pressured about answering me. I would like to just talk to you and get to know you better. We are flying to Jeju Island for a show today so feel free to text me^^” She finished reading and handed me back my phone. I snatched it away from her, sticking my tongue out and looked down to see the text. I started to turn red again. I glanced back up to see Jess and Choon-Hee staring at me, waiting for me to tell them.
“W-what?” I asked, avoiding it.
“Don’t you what me!! WHAT HAPPENED?” Choon-Hee asserted, not willing to let this go.
“If you don’t tell us, we will call him~” Jess said. Startled, as I am positive that they would surely do that, I sighed.
“Ok, ok fine.” I said, giving up. I sat back down on my bed and they followed, waiting for what I was about to say.
“After we left, we went and took a walk around the lake,” I started, trying not to laugh at their intense gazes on me. “We were talking about things, and then he suddenly asked me if I liked one of the EXO members.”
“What did you say?” Jess asked.
“I said I don’t know. And then he suddenly grabbed me, pulling me into a hug. And then he told me that he LIKES ME. LIKES ME,” I said, leaving them speechless. They then got up from the bed and pulling me with them.
“That is amazing! You got D.O. D. FREAKING O. TO FALL FOR YOU,” Choon-Hee said, jumping up and down in excitement. I couldn’t help but smile at their silliness.
“Wait…so do you like D.O?” Jess asked, giving me the one question that I was reluctant to answer.
“I-I don’t know. It all happened so fast. I mean we only met them yesterday! How did that even happen?” I answered truthfully. They nodded as well.
“Well, whatever you did, TEACH ME. Maybe then I can get a hold on Xiumin,” Choon-Hee said. I think she is a little obsessed. I started laughing. They gave me this weird look.
“Just yesterday morning we had no idea that all of this would happen and look at us now!” I said, causing them to smile. I looked over at Jess to see her glancing down at her phone. “Oh yeah Jess, I saw you trading numbers with Chen,” I said, nudging her on the arm. “How did it go?” She started to turn red at the thought.
“W-well, we started talking and we found out that we have a lot of things in common. H-he then asked me for my number so that we could continue to talk after last night,” Jess said embarrassed. Choon-Hee and I were so excited for her, resulting in a smile from her. We all started talking about the crazy things that happened yesterday when Jae-Hwa started to call Choon-Hee. She went to the other side of the room to answer the call. Jess and I continued talking but I could make out part of her conversation.
“Hello?...Yes…We shared a room…No our car broke down…Ok…We are on our way,” she said hanging up the phone. She walked back over to us.
“What was that?” Jess asked.
“He said we are leaving now. Since we don’t have our car and the EXO members left early for their schedule we are riding back with the PD team. They are going to drop us off at our houses. He said that he, and majority of the crew, are incredibly hungover from last night so we get the day off!” She said. Thank heavens, I need a day off after what happened yesterday. We all immediately started to pack and after we finished making the room look nice once again, we headed to the lobby.
As we got there, we saw the rest of the PD team waiting in front of the doors. After talking with the group (and figuring out who was sober enough to be able to drive) we split up into cars based on where we lived. Jess and I lived in the same direction and so we headed to our respective car, waving good-bye to Choon-Hee and telling her that we would see her tomorrow.
As we climbed into the car, I realized that I never texted D.O back. I pulled out my phone to notice that I also had another text message, but from an unknown member. I opened it.
“Hi, Y/N ah~” It read. Uhhhh…who is this.
“Sorry, who is this?” I responded. Not even a minute later, I got a reply.
“This is Chanyeol. I stole your number from D.O. :3” I sat there in shock. I think these guys are out to kill me.
“Ahh, ok. Well how is it going?” I asked. Wow, did I sound lame, I thought after the fact. Ding.
“Good, we are just on the plane to Jeju Island now, what are you doing?”
“We are headed home, the crew members got too drunk last night, so we get a day off. I forgot that you guys had that concert today! I hope it goes well~” I replied. Ding.
“Thanks! Enjoy your day off! XD” I thought that was the end of the conversation when I got another text. “Also, please text D.O before he burns a hole into his phone. I think he is waiting for you to reply ;)” When I saw that I almost about died in the car. DOES HE KNOW? Holy… I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. I went back to D.O’s text message and read it over again. I giggled quietly at myself as he sent it all in one big paragraph text. I started to type a reply back to him.
“Hey, sorry I didn’t text you earlier, but I would like to continue talking with you as well^^. How is the flight so far?” I texted him. I can’t believe that I am texting EXO members… Ding. I looked down to see that he had replied, not even within 30 seconds of my text.
“That’s ok! The flight is going well. We are almost there. Sorry about Chanyeol, he took my phone from me when he saw that I was waiting for your reply and took your phone number.” Ding. “Not that I was waiting for it this whole time or anything.” He replied again. I couldn’t help but smile at his cover-up.
“Lol it’s all good! Are you guys going straight to the concert after you land?”
“Yeah, it is only 2 hours from when we land so we are going to go practice and such before it.” I read. Man their schedule must be crazy. I was staring at the text when I got another one from him. “I wish you could come see it.” That is when I about lost it. I could feel my heartbeat going like crazy again and I knew that I was red in the face again. D-Do I like D.O? I quickly dismissed the thought. Before he thought I wouldn’t answer him back, I texted him again.
“I wish I could! It would be awesome to see you guys perform! I will be cheering for you guys over here! Hwaiting!” I responded. I laid back in my seat, turning my head to look out the window to see that we were back in Seoul already. In a flash, the car stopped at my house. I waved and bowed back to the PD team and Jess as I got out of the car, watching them drive off. I turned around and quickly climbed up the stairs to my apartment door. I grabbed my key and opened the door, surprised to find that Adara was not home. She must be at work or with friends. I dropped my luggage and went and plopped down on my couch, facing towards the ceiling. I heard my phone ding. Not wanting to get off the couch I lazily reached for it while still laying down. I luckily grabbed it, and saw that I got another text from D.O.
“Hey, are you doing anything this Friday?” He sent. I sat there and thought about what I was doing this week.
“I just have to work in the morning but besides that nothing. What’s up?” I responded back, not realizing the meaning behind his words.
“Well… I was just wondering…if you want to…have dinner with the members and I on Friday? We were going to have a huge dinner with our girlfriends and friends and I thought you might like to come? Sorry to ask you last minute, but the members like you and I thought I would ask if you wanted to come. If you don’t want to that’s ok.” He texted, clearly rambling on and nervous. I thought about it for a second.
“Can I bring Choon-Hee and Jess, if that is ok with you?” I replied, terrified at the thought of going alone. He quickly responded.
“Yes! We thought that they were really cool as well! So it that a yes?!” He answered. I smiled at his response.
“Yes, we will come on Friday :3” I replied. In no time at all, my phone dinged.
“Ok! I will send you the address and the time for Friday. I can’t wait to see you!” He replied back. The last part, made my heart skip a beat. I quickly texted Jess and Choon-Hee about the situation, and they both said that they could make it as well! I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. Am I going crazy? Am I starting to like him, even though I thought that I liked my bias? The wheels in my head started to turn, trying to figure out what my heart was telling me, causing my head to hurt. I leaned back on the couch and that is when I heard the front door open. I turned around to see Adara.
“Adara!” I got up from the couch and ran towards her, hugging her in my arms. I could feel her hug me back.
“Where were you last night?” she asked. “You didn’t come back home – I thought you got kidnapped or something! Or you finally hooked up with one of the PD members~” she said, causing me to break away from her, giving her a look. She started laughing.
“Well before I tell you what happened yesterday, how was work?” I asked. She looked up at me and gave me this huge grin.
“Kiwon finally asked me out!” She exclaimed. I got up and we both started cheering. “We were talking yesterday and he asked if I was doing anything Wednesday. I said no and then he asked me out for dinner!” She squealed. I hugged her again, unable to contain my excitement.
“That is great Adara!” She smiled back at me.
“Ok, now your turn, what happened yesterday?” She asked me. I gave her this huge smile.
“You might want to sit down first, this is going to be a long story.”

Is Y/N starting to have feelings for D.O? Who is her bias? And what will happen at the dinner with all the members and their girlfriends? :3

Thanks for reading this chapter guys and I hope you enjoyed it! XD Leave a comment below on what you thought of this chapter and look forward to when the next chapter comes out! Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~
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