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Finally going to do it....ah so excited to see how its going to be!!
26) The next day, you wake up to see a letter on your desk, which is written by: Wonho (going to change it up just a bit) I wake up the next morning...after the rather fun day at the arcade! 'Mom, am hungry!' I call out. 'Guys?' I ask coming dow the stairs to find no one...hmm strange. Maybe they went to work earlier...a whole day to myself! I go outside and find a note on the door... Dear Sungie, Come to the park that's near the school :p. One of us will be waiting for you!! Love, Wonho Ahh....this troublesome boy....
27) You hesitate, but you decide to meet with them, not knowing the reason. You get yourself washed up and ready. When you arrive, you see him waiting by a tree. 'Ah...should I go?' I ask myself as I walk back inside. 'What's the harm in just going?' I ask 'I wonder what it could be?' I head to wash myself and dressing up in rather casual clothes...'Okay, ready!' Once entering the park I find Minhyuk waiting by a tree. 'Oh, hello Sam!' he greets me as I get closer. 'We have to meet with the other guys shortly. They're waiting in different locations, so we have to hurry up!' he says as he drags me into a van before heading to the next location with absolutely no chance to refuse (why does this keep happening!) I start to question the situation, so the best thing to do is ask Minhyuk. 'Minhyuk why do you guys want to meet up if only you are here?' 'Let's just say it's more fun to look for the other members!' he says as he smiles. (Ah my head...this is too much for me)
28) The first location is the cute little café near the school, where you planned to visit today before meeting up with the boys. You enter and find him sitting down at a booth near the pastries: Hyungwon Oh this is.... I was planning to visit this place! When Minhyuk and I enter the place I find that Hyungwon is sitting alone by the pastries. 'Hyungwon!' I greet him He hugs me smiling 'Hey and Minhyuk great job coming here but now we must be on our way' he says but not before buying donuts and a few other cookies....most likey for the rest of the guys and myself. We head back into the van going to the next mystery place.
(Funny got Hyungie again) 29) While heading to the flower shop,(Second guy) offers you a cookie. Flower shop...could the next guy be here or the rest of them? Hyngwon pokes me, 'Would you like it?' he asks offering me the cookie he was holding. 'Oh thank you' I reply flustered at the thought....oh my cheeks. Before I even take a bite Minhyuk takes it smiling as he eats it in one bite. 'That was for Sam!' Hyungwon exclaims He looks inside the bag 'Well here we only have donuts noe' he says handing me the donut. I thank him again and eat it along the way.
30) After picking up the rest of them, your final destination is a beach. The rest of the guys were in the flower shop they all came out holding different flowers. 'Here you go Sam!' they all shout bowing down holding out the flowers. Minhyuk and Hyungwon laugh but, I was shocked. Nonetheless I took the offered flowers....smiling behind them. 'Let's go!' Minhyuk says...apparently we are headinv to the beach....I don't have anything to wear!!! Somewhere around the trip I had fallen asleep (I take it its because of all the shock that I went through). Kihyun tries to wake her by shaking her shoulder, but he failed so he pokes her face until she wakes up so that they can head to the beach. 'Sorry' I say as he helps me out of the car.
31) Not wearing the proper clothing for the beach this guy carries you into the water We walk around but suddenly I feel two arms go around me and I turn around to find Wonho smiling. 'Wait what are you doing?' I exclaim as I kick my feet. 'Sungie you aren't wearing proper clothing for the beach!' he starts to laugh as he runs towards the water. 'Wait! No Wonho, I don't have clothes!' I scream and I could hear the guys laughing. He drops me into the water and I cry out.... ah my clothes!!! Kihyun comes towards me with a towel in hand....left with no other choice I take the proferred towel.
32. While changing this guy accidentally walk in: Changkyun. With nothing to wear I begin to I start to think about going home but, I head to the changing rooms and as I taking my shirt off Changkyun walks in. His eyes go wide and leaves right away. I had scrambled to put something on....oh no....oh my head 'What in the world is happening to me today?' 'What happened?' Jooheon asks Changkyun. 'N-Nothing! I'm completely fine...' he stutters. The boys don't believe him and shake the truth out of him, 'Fine! I walked in on her changing okay?! It was an-' he begins pacing. 'Oh my god dude you walked in on her?!' Shownu says with wide eyes. 'You idiot! Now she'll think you're a pervert!' Kihyun exclaims. The rest of them laugh about teasing Changkyun about it.
33. This guy gives you his jumper to cover yourself Someone knocks on the door, 'Who is it?' I ask. 'Its me' I hear Changkyuns voice. 'Sorry about what happened but, to make it up you could use this' he apologizes as he throws something over the door, a jumper. 'It's not much but it will keep you warm and cover you, also this' he throws another article of clothing. 'Sweats?' I ask as I look at it. 'Kihyun found it in the van' he says. 'Thank you and its okay I forgive you a bit' I mumble. He walks away and I dress into the borrowed clothes. Once I am down I notice the guys playing in the water and Hyungwon sitting in a rock just watching them.
34) Sitting down next to M/N, he gets surprised and jumps in surprise, causing this guy to laugh When I sit down next to Hyungwon he gets surprised and jumps causing Minhyuk who was building a sand castle to laugh. 'Ah sorry Hyungwon but I assure you I am not a ghost' I exclaim laughing a bit as Hyungwon puts his head down.
35) After the others finished playing around, you all gather around a campfire. You sit between these two (screenshot twice) Once they were tired of playing in the water it had gotten a bit dark and we all sat in a circle around a campfire. Wonho and Minhyuk sat on either side of me....keeping me a bit warmer...ah these boys. They start to sing random songs while Jooheon fails to play the guitar. We all laugh and have a great time. They all make me sing and I tried telling them I am not good at it but they all insist.
36) This guy does a weird dance around the campfire After the failed attempt at the guitar Jooheon starts to dance....or at least something that resembled it. 'Ah what is that?' I ask as I laugh. 'Special campfire dance' he says in his baby voice which made me giggle more.
37) Before heading back, this guy suggest to go to the convenience store to buy some snacks on the way back 'Hey I will come with you' I say as he stops letting me catch up. 'Changkyuns jumper?' he asks. I nod 'Sorry about Wonho doing that to you' he smiles. 'Its okay its just water heh' I smile back as we make our way to the convenience store.
38. After you buy snack and get into the car you sit between these two ( screenshot twice ) Once the snacks were bought we all piled into the car and I sat in between Jooheon and Changkyun. I fall asleep with Jooheon on my shoulder, Changkyun gets jealous and stirs Jooheon awake they start fighting all while trying not to hit her. One of the members told them to calm the they both had fallen asleep. My head was resting on Changkyuns headwhile he rested his head on my shoulder and Jooheon was resting on my other shoulder.
39. A bright light wakes you up, and you felt your shoulders were sore. Ah my shoulders... I cover my eyes or at least try because the guys were still sleeping. 'Crap', Hyungwon says in frustration, getting our attention and waking the guys up. 'What's going on? Why are we on the side of the road?!' I ask as I look outside the window, panic clear in my voice.
40) 'We're out of gas' Kihyun says in an upset tone. 'WHAAAAT?' the three of us exclaimed and we started to freak out, the others didn't look so well either.