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These are the fakes of the gladiator beast set called swordfight beast. Individual pictures along with their effects and stats will be bellow. If you played yugioh and are used to the real card effects hopefully you will find this as funny as I have. Also I have more fake cards to post up in the coming weeks.
Sleeping Swordfight Beast normal spell card Effect: choose 2 monsters of [Swordfight Beast] from you hand cards and send them back to the deck. After that, draw 3 cards from your hand cards.
Swordfight Breast Fish Dipper Monster level 3, water type Attack: 800 Defense: 400 Effect: when this card is successfully special summoned by the effect of a monster of [Swordfight Beast], one fieldside position monster in the field is destroyed. You may let this card return to the deck at the end of its battle field and special summon one monster of [Swordfight Beast] ([Swordfight Beast Fish Dipper] excluded) from the deck to your field.
Slave Ape Monster, level 2, earth type Attack: 700 Defense: 300 Effect: When this card is destroyed in the battle and sent to the graveyard, you may special summon a monster of [Swordfight Beast] with 4 stars below.
Swordfight Beast weapon Dagger Equip spell card Effect: Only the monsters with [Swordfight Beast] in their names can be equipped with this card. The attack points of the equipped card rises by 300. When the equipped monster returns to the deck from your field and let this card sent to the graveyard, this card returns to the hand cards.
Comment bellow which one made you laugh the most. More to come next week till then, enjoy.