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Guys I genuinely don't think I'll EVER catch up on all the dramas I want to watch...

You probably won't, that's reality. Because once you finish a drama, another drama will just pile onto your list. This process will continue for the rest of your life. That's a fact!
There are about 10 dramas that I've watched about halfway through and just never finished but there are also about 50 dramas I have finished. I still plan to go back to those dramas one day to finish them. For example, It's Okay, That's Love and Queen In Hyun's Man which I really enjoyed Queen In Hyun's Man and don't understand why I didn't finish it.
Same! I am just always finding more and more that I need to watch. Oh my stress... 😭
I feel the same way
I know me either, my anime and drama list, I'd have to make watching them a full time job just to get half of them watched
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