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This song is just beautiful <3 guys you need to listen to this song and pay close attention to the MV its just a really sad story that really makes one cry TT.TT im all teary eyed now The opening is a bit... well ill just explain it to those who care. Basically the MV and song talk about this guy (Hangeng) who came back from New Zealand and is hiding from his relatives, He works as a security guard at night, and writes lyrics and thinks about the past. thats the opening for you ^^ dont tell me 'its not K-pop why is it here' its here because i need k-poppers to know that he was once part of the k-pop industry AND that my heart tells me that he still is '^' Genngie didn't leave forever!!! All reasons aside i just wanted people to now more about Hangeng and to know his music just saying, that to get the real feel of his music, you dont need to know Chinese you just need to be human and know a bit about his past. His past He was the one person out of the 3000 that passed, then he entered SM. Later added to the boy band Super junior, being the first non-Korean celebrity to formally debut in South Korea, about to years ago, his departure from the group was announced. He left because of Human Rights Violations on SM's side - some kind of crap like that. but during that time he went through alot. he like the other SM artists and trainees were over worked and i think he was one of the few who stood up. After being together with the members of suju for so long hoe can a person not miss their brothers? that's what i know about his past ^^ okay this is longer then i wanted it to be but i mean i had to explain XD
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