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Don't you love it when you actually manage to recreate a look you love at home?

Thankfully I was able to put this look together since I owned the same nail polish! It wasn't super hard, but getting the little shapes out of the white-ish polish was not super great hahahah, but I think the end look is nice!
I would probably do it differently next time and take the sequins out of the white ish nail polish, rinse them off and then apply them over a clean white coat to make them pop more, but for now, I love them!

Lesson Learned? If you love a look, just TRY it!!

Eventually you'll be able to pull it off :)
Thanks to @marshalledgar @HairConfetti and @alywoah for encouraging me to try this one!
@marshalledgar lol yes!!!
awesome. proof that you can successfully nail a tutorial on your own
I think you "nailed" it! Honestly, this is not bad for the first attempt. It usually takes me more than one try to master a hair tutorial.