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For this Would You Rather Wednesday, I'm actually changing it up a bit.

This is more of an open-ended question!

I was thinking about my first-ever boyfriend and how I was just SO clearly not ready for that relationship. We could have lasted a lot longer and had a better relationship if I had been mature enough.

So my question is:

Would you start over a past relationship if you could?

Starting completely fresh!
Maybe it was timing or you guys just weren't ready for a serious relationship.
If you could start over completely with both of you forgetting your past relationship, would you?

Or would you just enjoy the happy memories it gave you?

I'd rather have the moments and memories//lessons I've learned then restart any relationship. Only because I believe that if it was meant to be it would've worked out no matter I think sometimes some relationship are meant to be taken into account as lessons and to gain knowledge even though at the time you may have other plans for the future of that relationship. :)
it all depends on how much in love you were with that person
NO.....I'm married and wouldn't want to go back.
For me it's meant to then it'll be. But I also believe that the past belongs in the past, just need to learn from it.
well I've never actually been in a relationship so I can't really answer this question 馃槓
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