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WYRW: Starting Over

For this Would You Rather Wednesday, I'm actually changing it up a bit.

This is more of an open-ended question!

I was thinking about my first-ever boyfriend and how I was just SO clearly not ready for that relationship. We could have lasted a lot longer and had a better relationship if I had been mature enough.

So my question is:

Would you start over a past relationship if you could?

Starting completely fresh!
Maybe it was timing or you guys just weren't ready for a serious relationship.
If you could start over completely with both of you forgetting your past relationship, would you?

Or would you just enjoy the happy memories it gave you?

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it all depends on how much in love you were with that person
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there's one relationship in particular that I constantly think about and how it could have gone better. I would definitely start it over if I had the chance. when I look back on it now, I just think about the mistake I made by leaving that relationship. it's weird. it's been a couple of years now and I thought I'd be over it (she is, she's in a healthy relationship now) by now but I'm not. life is such a bummer sometimes haha
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I think this is one thing you can't really ponder, because who you are right now is BECAUSE of those experiences. Everyday you change in to a different person than you were the previous day.
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@jevonlowery so true. if that person is your one and only in your heart. of course you want that chances
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