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He Used Balloons To Do What?!

So everyone loves balloon art, right? I mean, you can bend a balloon up like a dog, like a hat, like a palm tree, whatever.

But then there's this guy - 25 year-old Lu Kepeng from Qingdao, China - who went ahead and took balloon art to the next level, using them to design two different wedding dresses for his lovely bride.

That's right. Balloon wedding dresses.

Lu is a professional planner who is no stranger to the world of personalized wedding requests.

With an hour and over 600 balloons, he created the dresses, seeing it as an expression of his love and dedication.

The first one, in traditional white, was used for their wedding photoshoot - and included a balloon bouquet!

And the second was bright, colorful, and used on their wedding day - Lu's way of saying "Yeah! We did it!"

What do YOU think about balloon wedding dresses? Would you don a dress made out of balloons too, or would you rather spring for something more traditional?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more weird (but true!) stories about everything romantic, follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection!
I'd wear one if I wasn't afraid of balloons popping lol
creative! but no to me, I am afraid of balloon popping
Sometime soon, Lady Gaga will find this man and make him her personal balloon dress designer....also this is frigging awesome. That's some serious talent right there....
I see nothing wrong.... as long as they don't pop
I think it's a cool idea I'm just worried about them popping.
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