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I came across an article yesterday about how much or how little to "reveal" on a first date and I'm a little perplexed.

The article was basically giving you tips on topics to avoid on a first date, and personality traits to sort of hide?

Now obviously I'm not saying you need to tell the guy about that hamster you loved that died when you were seven, or that thing your ex did that you thought was so cute, but should you really stress about holding yourself back on a first date?

What do you think are things you shouldn't share on a first date, or should you have no limits?

always be yourself in the first date no matter what, pretending to be someone else will give them the wrong idea about you, and when you do act like your Normal self they might think you already changed or some might take it offensive that you lied about your self so just be you, if they don't like the real you then there not worth investing time into
Don't be on you damn phone. just don't do it. it's so rude and impolite! the only date I had ever been on the guy was on his phone and the next day I found out he had started a relationship with another girl.. talking to her while we were on our date.
You probably should steer clear of the topic of your criminal record
Hmmm. Don't talk about your ex i think is the only thing that's bad lol
You shouldn't share your social security number with them (I'm just kidding) but @jordanhamilton is right about the last guy you were in a relationship with. That's just a no no.
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