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5:25 AM.....patiently waiting for the coffee to brew....c'mon Folger's. At 6 AM I shall awaken the children for a wonderful, joyful day of school. The oldest shall depart @ 6:58 AM to catch the bus, the youngest at 8AM to walk, though today it is raining so I shall drive. At 8:45 I shall commence the washing of the face and the application of anti puff eye creams and moisturizers and eventually I shall walk to work. @marshalledgar @buddyesd @jordanhamilton @alywoah @lavonyork @helix @danidee @bbxgd @butterflyblu @hikaym @ZoilaObregon I'm really bad at the whole tagging thing.
hahahsa just do it @lavonyork do it. we are our own worst critics. it's kind of liberating
I don't know if I can do this challange, everyone of you guys look wonderful when you wake up. I look like a dang zombie looking for brain crack aka coffee and CNN lol
@atmi w/out coffee, I move about as quick as a herd of turtles on a peanut butter beach. lol I'm an addict. 1-2 pots per day.
@marshalledgar any caffeine is good caffeine in my book. when I win the lottery, I plan to have a Caribou Coffee located at the end if my drive-way
Sounds like the perfect amount of distance to get some fresh air and sunshine before heading in to start your day.
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