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Power Girl As the biological cousin of Superman, Power Girl exhibits all of the classic Kryptonian powers: super strength; flight; super speed; invulnerability; x-ray, telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; freeze breath; and super-hearing.
Kotori Itsuka In her Spirit form, Kotori's clothes change into her Astral Dress Elohim Gibor, which resembles a goddess's robes from Japanese folklore, with a revealing neckline, a translucent sash, and black ribbons tied around a pair of horns. Her angel Camaelcomes in the form of a large red halberd, but can be dismantled into Megiddo, a cannon powered by Kotori's own flames. Megiddo fires powerful energy beams that can overwhelm even the defenses of other Spirits. Kotori also has a powerful regeneration ability, which Shido uses/borrows on many occasions when he is trying to make spirits fall for him. Basically, it is an ability that protects the user from certain death as long as the user has enough "mana." It also reverses all physical damage done on the person as if it never happened, but it only covers the recipient's body.
Ms Marvel After being caught in an explosion with the Kree superhero Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel #18 (November 1969), Danvers resurfaces in Ms. Marvel #1 (January 1977) with super powers as result of the explosion which caused her DNA to merge with Captain Marvel's.
Ena SEISHUIN Ena is the former wielder of the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi, the sword commonly called Kusanagi no Tsurugi or Grasscutter. A divine sword of the highest order, and infused with the power of the former Heretic God Susanoo.
Alright anith all Women's battle royal and this one should be a power hitter with these four beautiful lady's. Let's get this fight underway.
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ms marvel
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Ms. Marvel 😶
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I think this fight would come down to kitori vs power girl but I think kitori cause if I remember correctly power girl hasn't fully learned to control her powers and with the same weaknesses as superman then she's weak to magic which I think that's what the spirits use
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is power girl nd supergirl the same person
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