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Anime to Watch!~ "Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru"

English Names:

- Beautiful Bones "Sakurako's Investigation"
- A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet

Genre: Mystery

Shoutarou Tatewaki, a high schooler living in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, meets Sakurako Kujou, a bone-loving ojou-san who has an ability to analyze specimen. Because of meeting her, he has to accompany her to various cases.

Status: Completed (12 Episodes)


At first I was skeptical with this one to be honest. A girl who loves any type of bones and a guy who follows her everywhere solving mysteries together. However, I'm a sucker for good mystery animes and this one was very satisfying to say the least. Basically the two protagonists always end up in a situation where they have to solve mysteries and at first it wasn't appealing for me. I mean the plot doesn't seem to have anything original but I have no regrets. The story is more than enough to help you immerse in their world. It does have some puzzling/missing parts of the story (at least that's what I feel) but then again, most 12 episode animes do.
To clarify, these two somehow end up solving mysteries together and there's a lot of backstory in their relationship that makes it much more immersive. Oh! and you will be seeing a lot of bones.


This is the section that disappointed me the most. First, Sakurako (Girl) is like the daughter of Sherlock Holmes with a bone fetish (and no...not in a sexual way). She is very calm, intelligent, rational and, as most anime girls, beautiful. From the few characters in the anime, she is the fan favorite with a cliched BUT still interesting background.
Then we have Shoutarou. A regular guy who goes to school who has a crush on Sakurako and helps her with the cases. He is supposed to be one the protagonists but he feels more of a support character, not saying that's a bad thing but you expect the main guy to have some impact, no luck.
The remaining few supporting characters actually do a decent job making the story enjoyable. Unfortunately, there is no character development, putting aside the main two and even then it's very little. However, there is a lot of backstory, specially in the second half of the anime, and the characters do have good chemistry, so don't mind it too much and watch it mostly for the plot not the characters.


There is very little soundtracks but the ones it has are fantastic. Starting with the OP ("Dear answer" by TRUE). It hooked me into the anime with just the OP. I just love that J-Rock mixed with classical and electro music. Then, there's the ED ("Uchiyoserareta Boukyaku no Zankyou ni" by TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND). Long name for both the band and song I know... The ending is quite hypnotizing with its soft vocals and music. In my opinion, the OP shows us the general mood of the anime while the ED reminds us that this is a mystery anime. As for the voice acting, it's flawless and the ambiance music is nothing special but it gets the job done.

-Reasons to Watch-

The anime is nothing grandiose but it delivers in what it is. A mystery anime with a good story and likable characters. There's the issue with no character development but that doesn't stop the anime to pull you in for another episode. The lack of development is replaced with an interesting backstory and great chemistry between the characters. The pace might also be another issue with some people. It has a great introduction and it starts fast and it slows down on the second half. I honestly prefer when it's slow at the beginning and it speeds up but I understand, you will too, after watching the anime.
Now the best parts of the anime. I already talked about the plot (once again, it's pretty good!) but I haven't talked about the animation. My god it's pretty! It is so colorful and crisp and when in the zone, it becomes crisper! Even in those dark moments it feels so defined that I think I fell in love with the anime just because of the animation. Lastly, the music. It has very small playlist but it's more than enough for the anime to be what it is.
What I always thought was weird is that when you think of a mystery genre anime, you normally expect dark settings, lots of blood and murder, and lots of tension, which it does have a little but the anime is actually more relaxing than tension building. I never imagined that the mystery genre could be like this, even "The adventures of Tin-Tin" has more action. Overall, I believe it's worth watching, specially if you want to get away from all the action and fan-service nowadays.


* Breath-taking animation
* Immersive story
* Every episode feels fresh
* Very relaxing


* No character development
* The pace might not be for everyone
* Lack of music

A relaxing mystery anime with beautiful animation, soundtrack and story!

Hope You Enjoy~

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this. @simplynick. amen.
I love this anime but I think this anime is not finished yet it has 12 more episodes haven't came out yet
I'm interested now. cx
i watch was so good!!!!
@RosePark I'll watch pretty much anything Sherlock related haha even if it's just inspired by the character. It's not like Doyle can write more stories so I'll take what I can get!
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