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Comedian Ahn Young Mi left jaws dropping by going nude in a shocking pictorial for 'Elle'. Ahn Young Mi unveiled her 'body portrait' by wearing absolutely nothing! The comedian made everyone do a double take at the beauty of her figure, breaking the stereotype that comedians aren't sexy with outstanding visuals. Ahn Young Min, who only started to workout this year, shared the benefits of exercise revealing, "My skin started glowing and the stiffness of my neck and shoulders disappeared. Another amazing thing is that after I sweat, I gain so much energy that I can go throughout a whole day of filming without getting tired." "I formed a habit of always looking at the mirror to gain my beautiful body. I always have to objectively look at my body on a daily basis. If you have confidence in yourself, others will also see you as pretty." Ahn Young Mi also pushed the boundaries of comedy as a fixed member of tvN's 'SNL Korea'.