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We all know superfoods have some amazing health benefits, but it might be news to some that they have some pretty amazing skin benefits as well. They say, you are what you eat, so if you want super flawless skin, it's probably in your best interest to indulge in as many superfoods as possible.
While it's easy to boil some ginger root or sip directly from a coconut, but if you're looking for a more topical option -- a natural body care line called Marley Natural might just come in handy. For those who don't have any superfoods within arms reach, Marley Natural brings the superfoods to you in skincare form. If you're looking for a good body lotion or wash that will help you positively reap the benefits of amazing skin, keep scrolling and check out the natural skincare line below.
Known for it's moisturizing benefits, this coconut oil salve will leave the driest, flakiest skin moisturized and nourished.

Product: Hemp Seed Body Salve

'The perfect balm for daily exposure to the elements, your skin will feel naturally restored and positively exuberant. This super rich emollient melts into your skin, delivering intense moisturization and nourishment. Infused with hemp seed and coconut oils, ginger, and cerasse leaf extracts, and balanced by notes of rosemary and peppermint, our formula leaves skin feeling cool, revitalized, and thoroughly hydrated. Embrace the elements fully, and get in tune with your natural well-being.'
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Grape seed oil is known for relieving stress and by dabbing this product on your pressure point all your cares and worries will instantly be dismissed.

Product: Essential Oil Blend

'Enliven your senses and reduce the daily effects of stress with this rejuvenating botanical wonder. Building on the multisensory effects of essential marula, baobab, grape seed, and hemp seed oils combined with rosemary and lemongrass extracts, this special blend promotes deep relaxation and calming benefits. Our inviting formula provides notes of bergamot, geranium, and chamomile – ideal for aromatherapy or as a stand alone fragrance for every day enjoyment. Relax, reboot, and feel your body reconnect to its natural balance.'
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Sesame oil has the ability to not only give your skin silky smooth texture, but it also gives your skin an anti-age boost by rejuvenating the cells.

Product: Hemp Seed body Lotion

'Relax and recharge with this deeply replenishing lotion packed with nutrient-rich hemp seed oil and indigenous Jamaican botanicals. Our body lotion helps your skin retain an even moisture level with natural remedies such as marula, baobab, and sesame oils, as well as nourishing shea butter. Infused with subtle notes of rosemary and lavender, it smells as good as it feels, and it feels like nature's perfect remedy for dry skin.'
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Turmeric is an Ayurvedic super food that not only improves elasticity in the skin, but also helps to improve dry and cracked skin.

Product: Hemp Seed Soap

'Replenish your skin with essential moisturizers and indigenous Jamaican plant extracts that are as excellent for the body as they are therapeutic for the senses. One wash will leave you feeling smooth, revitalized, and amply hydrated. Our body bar is a specially blended formula of nourishing safflower, olive, coconut, and hemp seed oils balanced by eucalyptus, all of which act as natural agents for renewal and well-being. Look as good as you feel, all day, every day.'
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Ginger roots works to reduce overall skin damage and cellulite.

Product: Hemp Seed Body Wash

'Energize your body while indulging your skin with our revitalizing cleanser. This creamy lather blends hemp seed oil and aromatic Jamaican botanicals, moisturizing coconut oil, and light notes of ginger and eucalyptus. Exceptionally refreshing, our body wash helps promote moisture balance and leaves skin looking and feeling healthy, hydrated, and radiant. Restore, refresh, and feel yourself come alive.'
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Hemp seeds are amazing!!!! I used to add them to my smoothies all the time, so healthy and has an interesting nutty taste! But these products are definitely worth checking out for sure @TurtleyTurtles
So now that I've come back to this card to look it over, I've realized a lot of the products have hemp seeds or hemp seed oil in them. Hemp seeds are so good for you! I used a hemp seed oil lotion when I was younger, and I remember the hype- it was a big deal that they started using them before hemp and cannabis became legal all over. The lotion made my skin so soft! These are definitely worth checking out. Also, I dunno if you guys know, but you can buy shelled hemp seeds at almost any health food store. The serving is 4 tablespoons, and are chocked full of good stuff for your body, especially your heart! Lots of protein, good fats, fiber, minerals, etc! They're really tasty, too! Check out this site with all the nutritional facts on them!
Yes!!! With spinach, cherries & a banana 🙌🏽 @iixel
@jordanhamilton blueberry smoothies are awesome!
@jordanhamilton I actually haven't had blueberries by themselves. I do love me some cantaloupe though
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