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I saw this article, and really wanted to share it with you guys. The actual link is right here! This is so touching. It's why I love the KPop fandom! Check it out and see what I'm talking about underneath this!
T/n: I’m a boy who really wanna meet VIXX…I’m a child living in a 11pyong (t/n:room dimensions) single room, laid on bed because of my muscle disease….. I really wanna meet VIXX….)
This boy is named Taehwan, and his mother shared his story on twitter.
(T/N: our Taehwan who really likes VIXX…. he’s watching VIXX on “Idols true colors” ^.^ <3)
(T/N: I’ll be worried if he falls in love with the TV…. ㅎ he’s happy seeing Leo. Ace Leo…. wait for me~^.^ )
(t/n: is our Taehwanie really unable to see their concert? For now, he can’t sit on the wheel chair yet but…..he really wants to be able to see VIXX’s concert..)
(T/N: (retweeted the mother) I think Taehwan is really handsome ^^ There must be a way… I called the concert staff. They keep changing their phone numbers, but we’re going to work hard!!:D
He must attend VIXX concert and meet them <3)
they started gaining attention from other fanpage and fanclub managers
(t/n: I’m really touched that so many people are showing love to our Taehwanie….Taehwanie is really happy too. Today, I think our Taehwanie was the happiest, he said he was living a dream….?)
at last, they finally contacted Jellyfish and they set up a meeting for VIXX after their concert
they made the decision to help him out
the fansites started to find sponsors to help him too
Photo 1 ~~ (trying to find a wheelchair for Taehwan)
Photo 7 ~~they stood near Taehwan until the concert ended and took care of him
(T/N: our Taehwan’s dream came true~<3
he was so happy….
His heart… eyes…. face….. all exert happiness.
I don’t take good pictures on my phone so they took a picture for me
I received it today
I wanna thank everyone again….)