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Vash wanted to stop by to say that chapter 18 is DONE! WHOO!
I'm so excited that the chapter is complete and that this will be the beginning of an exciting and action packed adventure. Even Sesshomaru looks prepared for the road ahead.
And where did that damned bird go again... I don't know if I can trust him too much...
Well before I spoil too much for you guys, I better end it here. In the comments you can continue with your thoughts and feelings about the chapter or any of the chapters previous of this one.
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Thank you! @sergeishust are you already to chapter 18!? 😲 wow that's fast! Lol
no I'm 10 almost there @Gibbous1992
@sergeishust That's so Awesome!!! And it would also be super awesome if you would leave a review on it when you are done reading. ^_^
@sergeishust Haha! I just noticed that your profile picture is the still version of the gif on this card. Lol
the best version of vash