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I wasnt a big fan of YouTube in the beginning, I thought it was just random people posting random videos of them doing stupid things and I wasnt into that. YouTube has plenty of that though, but then I found Kpop and became addicted to looking for anything related to Kpop, Jpop, Cpop, etc. Asian dramas, variety shows. So in the end I cant live without YouTube. KissAsian is a website at first I thought it was a porn site because of the name. I mean come on Kiss Asian? But its a site that has Asian dramas, they also have sites for Anime and Manga. But thanks to this site I found more dramas to watch and more boys to fan girl over. I picked this site because although I do love Drama Fever, their Japanese drama collection is pretty limited and KissAsian has more selection, So I watch both sites. Drama Fever really got me hooked with Kdramas. My first drama was Panda and Hedgehog, and I watched that first on YouTube then found it on Drama Fever and moved on from there. Both Drama Fever and KissAsian has little bios on the actors and actresses, KissAsian has more I think which is really helpful when I find that the actress or actor is also in a music group because I will check out their music as well. Its a good. So yeah I cant live without these Im addicted. But if anyone has any other sites where they get information on famous Asian celebs. Please let me know.