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The Nail Trend That Is Taking Over The Entire Polish Game

Some like it bright, others like it light.

When it comes to nail polish, the trends change daily. The great thing about polish is that you can remove it as easy as you apply it. While it's the spring and pastel and bright shades are what most people usually go for, there seems to be a trend that is taking over the nails of women near and far. If you happen to be a woman who likes to keep her nails manicured minus the color, you might just fall in love with the nail tint trend.
While nail tints are indeed polishes, they give you a sheer effect opposed to a full on color. It's just enough to make your nails look pulled together minus the bright, bold color. Nail tints give you that 'buffed, not polished' look that screams minimal. If you have yet to try this trend, what are you waiting for? Step outside of your element and try something new, you might just fall in love. Keep scrolling to see a few brands and images below that will have you running to your local salon on your lunch break.

Polish: Orly BB Cream

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Polish: Butter London 'Sheer Wisdom' Nail Tinted Moisturizer

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Polish: OPI Mimosas for Mr & Mrs Nail Polish

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Polish: Dior Instant French Manicure Whitening Nail Glow

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Are you feeling the nail tint trend?

What's your favorite nail polish color to rock?
definitely a good soft look! Im obsessed @JamiMilsap
@LAVONYORK Me too! These do look pretty though, good for a softer look.
yeah, I guess it all depends on a person's mood. but being open to trying new shades is always a plus in my book @LAVONYORK
Neutral colors are the best!!! And omg, what gel collection is that? It sound amazing! @TessStevens
I love those neutral colors, I usually get them when I get my nails done, but a new color changing gel polish line came out and I had to get that, it goes from red to pink according to heat!
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