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Let's face it.

The '90s was literally the best decade ever. It's true what they say, history definitely has a way of repeating itself and in this case, a lot of the beauty trends your mom or older sister were rocking a little over a decade have resurfaced. For those who don't understand the true essence of beauty, they would never understand why certain beauty trends and back and better than ever.
Although some trends should simply stay distant memories, as for these few -- we can't help but dig them. If you're a product of the '90s or just happen to really appreciate beauty, keep scrolling and check out the trends that are here to stay this time around around.

The Trend: Matte Brown Lipstick

One of my favorite trends that has resurfaced. The matte brown lip is super bold, yet subtle. It gives off a natural look without being too sexy, but it's sexy enough. Just make sure you don't channel your inner chula and line your lips with a black liner, that's one trend that the '90s can keep.

The Trend: Pink Hair

While this trend isn't necessarily for everyone, if you're able to pull it off -- you can easily unleash your inner Pink. It's flirty, it's fun and well, it screams '90s.

The Trend: Dark Berry Lips

They say, 'the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice'. In this case, the darker the lip, the sexier the pout. Twice as good as a brown lip is a berry lip. It's bold, it's vibrant and it's sexy.

Are you feeling any of these reoccurring trends?

What's your favorite beauty trend from any decade that has made a comeback?
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I'm the same way!!! I feel like lips and eyebrows make the face @Carajo99
2 years agoReply
I'm trying to get into eye brows. @jordanhamilton
2 years agoReply
Baby steps, you got it! 馃槉 @Carajo99
2 years agoReply
haha yeah @jordanhamilton
2 years agoReply