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We all dream of someday bumping into prince charming.

For all of the beauty junkies out there, our idea of prince charming is a bit different from the next woman's description. Any man who would willingly run to the local Sephora or drugstore and scoop us up a beauty blender when it's time to replenish our old one is definitely our idea of a true prince. Most men know little to nothing about makeup, but it's definitely the though that counts the most. In this prince's case, the struggle was what we like to call 'real'.
His girlfriend sent him on a journey to do a bit of makeup shopping for her and the task was nothing short of a disaster. The woman asked her boyfriend to scoop her up a bright matte lipstick and some eyelashes and he was clueless. He decided to share his journey and text thread with the internet and the exchange is absolutely hilarious. We all need a boyfriend who is willing to try and not get too frustrated with us when it comes to our high demands of makeup. If you're in need of a good laugh or just some faith in the idea of finding yourself a prince like this one, keep scrolling.

Fellas, would you go makeup shopping for the lady in your life?

I hope you chuckled a bit because I am cracking all the way up.
man i feel for the guy, i always have to do this for wife because apparently they don't sell this crap in mexico!! I have to always send pictures meanwhile she takes her sweet time to respond meanwhile I just got off work I'm achey covered in mud and buying women's shoes for her sister who has bigger feet than mine!! yea I definitely get the stares
@ZoilaObregon @atmi on behalf of guys everywhere thank you馃槅馃槅
@ZoilaObregon yeah.. me too. never. he knows nothing about makeup!
Lmfao!! I would never send a guy to buy me make up! Ever!!! Loved your card.
@jordanhamilton now the tagging yourself disease is catching
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