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Lmao. Ctto
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she would also force close the gates when theyre upsetting her like Taurus being a perv. i think she wouldnt allow him to fight because she wouldnt be able to stand fighting against her celestial friends. @Thatperson512
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@randysqwishy23 That's only for comedic relief she wouldn't do it in a serious scenario. And i think she's capable of battling Loke if it's based on beliefs and even if she can't there's plenty of other people on her team who could. Lol
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i like youre logic but my gut feeling is that he wouldnt but everyone else would
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@randysqwishy23 I feel like Gajeel would have no problem beating up on Loke. Lol
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@Thatperson512 lol nah he wouldnt xD he hates pretty boys xD
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