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That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is The Lord. We all have some friend whom we can identify anywhere by his acts. Among a hundred voices we know the voice of the one who is dear to us. Even the step on the street or on the pavement outside we know from within, though we see not the face or the form, and our heart promptly says, “That is his step.” Are we so quick to recognize Christ by the blessings He brings to us? Every success in business ought to awe and impress us and lead us to say, “It is The Lord.” Every time a blessing comes to us we ought to remember that there is An Unseen One standing veiled close beside us, That it is Christ Himself from whose hands the gift of love comes. Indeed, He is in every providence of our lives. Some of these providences are dark and perplexing, yet always the strange Form, standing in the dim twilight, is the Lord. Do we always recognize Him? If we did, would it not ofttimes quiet our fears and bring peace to our hearts?
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