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Hiya Nakama! Happy Waifu Wednesday and Day 5 of Nakama Campfire! Today's Prompt is to post our non-human waifu! For me that is definitely Moka Akashiya! Her inner self is such a bad ass but still has the values of 'regular' Moka. When I first read the manga before the anime came out I fell in love with what because she is such a powerful character! :) What do you guys think of the manga? Whose your favorite? Also make a WW card of your own or join us in the Nakama Campfire challenge! @InVinsybll @AimeBolanos @AtisutoMeru @gabemartin @hikaymm @PRroxx05 @AdamDean @Alcides13 @Alletaire @Animefanatic18 @ARMYStarlight @BobbieStinson @bmcclain191 @BobbieStinson @CreeTheOtaku @DaiGakuSei @danidee @DariusLigon @devinrohers @dragonlover1852 @gabbycalzada @GillianMarsh @iixel @JadaDiemand @JakeErter @JayEstrella @Kirik @KaylanMadoori @littlemaryk @MadAndrea @MajahnNelson @MelissaGarza @MetalMorgan @Moonpie15b @nberry1620 @NhanLuong @NikolasSatterwh @NinjaMouse @poojas @punksjunk @reaper412 @ReinShirai @RosePark @SeoInHan @shannonl5 @Silverfang @ShinigamiSan @tayhar18920 @TaylorKoby @TreverMoon @Volpix5150 @ZeltzinCorona
The anime was eh, but the manga was amazing. There was a lot of action, you get to see Tsukune develop his powers and relationships, and a much better story line. I recommend you give it a try 馃榿@SAMURXAI
Did you read the manga? @SAMURXAI You get to see more of the lovable side of inner Moka which makes you fall for her even more
@tylor619cruz I will try to!!!
What 馃槺 you haven't read it?!? It's definitely a great read, you should give it a try @hikaymm
I haven't read the manga but she's cute!!
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