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Any Aldnoah fans out there? So I recently finished this anime in like one sitting. Yes! It kept leaving me wanting to watch episode after episode. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mecha/action anime. Also the soundtrack to this will blow your mind!
Inaho Kaizuka, calm in tough situations, certified genius and bad with the ladies lol. Might be my favorite character of the anime since you kinda don't know what he's really thinking most of the time. Very skilled in piloting Kataphract. A Kataphract is the robot that the humans on earth use to go into battle.
Asseylum Vers Allusia is the princess of the human race who left earth and made a new race of humans on the planet Mars, also known as planet Vers. The empire of Vers was able to do this with the power of Aldnoah.
Slaine Troyard, born on earth and is well acquainted with the princess. He teaches the princess about planet earth and it's Beauty. There's more about him but I guess you'll have to watch the anime to find out lol.
I couldn't find the original but this is a pretty good cover. This is just one song of the great soundtrack of the anime.
thought the same thing. Still, the mech action scenes that it does have were awesome. Fear the orange katraphact!
I'm on the second season, and really enjoying the whole anime all together. I'm recommending it to everyone I can get my hands on!
the music was awesome. first season was better than the second imo. but I actually disliked the ending for the show. princess ends up with a guy who comes in halfway in the second season like wtf, no.
I really liked Aldnoah Zero, but I thought that it actually had very little mech action for a mech anime