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The say laughter is the best medicine.

A medicine no doctor can prescribe, it simply comes from within. No matter how bad of a day you may be having, a good look can turn everything around. They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Crack a smile and turn that smile into a laugh. Laughing keeps you young. If you're wondering where all those wrinkles are coming from, you've got your answer.
If you have nothing else to be happy about, be happy for life and breath. You're alive and kicking and nothing else really matters. It's hump day, which means we are closer to the weekend than you think. If your day is dragging and you need a pick me up and maybe even a good laugh, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Did you laugh a little?

Well, let's hope you at least managed to crack a smile.
My yoga teacher also has us laugh at the end of every class. We take a deep breath, smile, and then laugh. We all feel awkward for the first few seconds and then the laughter really feels genuine cause the situation is so funny!
My best friend's parents actually went to laugh therapy. You can buy tapes of people laughing to boost your mood and they would listen to it for at least 15 minutes a day? Like when they were getting ready for work? My friends and I would listen to it something and it was weird haha
I think listening to other people's laughs will make me laugh only if their laugh is super ridiculous. (MY laugh is super ridiculous too, for the record.)
I love that idea! I didn't even know they had laughing therapy. I'm going to look into that @sophiamor
Lol yes! Laughing is contagious especially if it's a hilarious one @danidee