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Swimsuit season is right around the corner.

Whether you are summer ready or not, the beach is calling your name and you must answer. Finding the perfect swimsuit when you're a curvy woman can be hard for several reasons. Either your bust is too big, your rump is too big or the swimsuits aren't trendy enough. Thankfully more and more retailers are catering to the curvaceous women who want to rock a swimsuit on the beach just like the next woman. Who ares if you have stretch marks or a little muffin top poking, you better claim it and all of it.
My motto is, if you got it flaunt it and if they want to stare, let them. The summertime is all about embracing your body and showing it off in a respectable manner. Don't let your size dictate what you wear. Forever 21 has definitely stepped their game up over the years ever since they first launched their plus size collection and since recently putting out their swimwear for the upcoming season, the selection is actually pretty amazing. If you're a curvy lady and you want to look fabulous, keep scrolling and check out a few hot picks from F21 below.

Plus Size Cutout Bikini

Metallic is definitely in and the zipper and cut out accents make this bikini super sexy without going overboard.
[get yours here]

Plus Size Superb One-Piece

Gold and black go hand in hand and the big bold letters speak for themselves.
[get yours here]

Plus Size Caged One-Piece

From the color to the extremely sexy caged in detailing on the bodice of this swimsuit, all eyes will definitely be on you once you hit the beach.
[get yours here]

Plus Size Mesh-Panel Swimsuit

There's something about mesh paneling that screams hot and not in a temperature context either. Plus, who doesn't love all black everything?
[get yours here]

Whether curvy or not, which swimsuit catches your eye?

Are you a one piece or bikini kind of woman?
I actually really like the retro-looking swimsuits that Modcloth tends to have. I'm really thigh self-conscious and the way their bottoms are cut is really flattering.
@danidee I had never heard of Modcloth until you mentioned it. They're a bit on the pricey side, but I'm bookmarking the site for when I can spare that much for a bathing suit. I love the vintage style boyshort-like bottoms!
yes, go for it!!! and the cover up is definitely worth buying @TurtleyTurtles
@jordanhamilton I'm still getting the cover up, just because it's cute! But I'm thinking I'll rock the 2 piece under it! The ones I'm looking at, which I put into your other card, are see-through, so it's not really covering it all up.
yes, forever 21 has stepped their game up quite a bit and you better rock your body with confidence!!! :) you don't need a cover up at all. get that two piece and wear it like the whole world is watching you! glad you enjoyed the card, no problem @TurtleyTurtles
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