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Fluffy fluffiness with this squishy!!!
It’s usually around six when he stops by. The boy with the doe eyes, pretty lips, and fair skin. He’s a fan of the color black, all his clothes are dull tones and he’s always carrying a new book in his hand. You wonder if he’s a college student, or maybe he’s already working, you’re not sure. All you know about him is his order; iced-coffee with milk, no sugar, and a plain muffin. It’s been about two months since you started working at the local bakery. You’re always on the afternoon shift, working from 3-7 after school to make an extra few dollars, all which go toward textbooks and other necessities for class. A lot of customers are regulars, students coming in to buy snacks for late night studying or employees getting a bite between meetings, but one of them has really stood out. Mostly because you can’t figure out which one he is. He’s not busy on his phone like the workers, but he’s not messy-haired and tired like the students. One of your co-workers had joked that he looked somewhat like an actor or an idol, but you weren’t even sure if that was true. And if that didn’t make him interesting enough, it also helped that every time he stopped by he kept throwing secret glances your way, probably expecting you not to notice, but you’ve caught him red-handed more than a couple of times. But it’s not like you’re complaining. After all, he’s attractive. The quiet, gentle type. You think he’d be fun to have a conversation with sometime, but it seems like the both of you are too shy for that. So when he comes in on a Tuesday afternoon, dressed in black jeans and a fitted navy blue button-down, you only meet his gaze for a few seconds and bow to welcome him. He nods back, acknowledging you and then slowly makes his way to the display case filled to the brim with different baked goods. You don’t know why he does that, pretend to look, because you know what he’s going to order already. After a couple of minutes you peek over at him. He’s looking at you, but as soon as you turn your head, he glues his eyes back to the food. You want to giggle because he was so obviously staring, but another customer comes up to you and you focus on ringing up their order instead. You help a few more people, waving goodbye to those who leave until finally the boy comes over. “Can I have-” “Iced coffee with milk, no sugar and a plain muffin?” You say before he can. He blinks, wide-eyed and speechless for a second, before nodding. You don’t even have to add the prices, he’s ordered the same thing so many times that you know the full amount by heart. When you tell him how much he owes, he hands you the money and you tell him that you’ll be back in a moment with his coffee. While you prepare, you can feel a pair of eyes on your back. You’re thankful that you’re not facing him as you let a small smile escape your lips before turning around to hand him his drink and snack. For a second he lingers. “My name is D.O……..” He starts, but he can’t seem to finish as he shifts from foot to foot. You wait for him to go on, you’re sure he has more to say, but then he flushes and excuse himself before rushing out the door. For the first time you see that there’s someone waiting for him outside. Actually, there’s a group of people, a group of boys all talking to D.O as soon as he leaves the bakery. One of them, a tall one with dark hair, slaps D.O’s shoulder and shakes his head. Another one points at you through the window and D.O practically smacks his hand down as he turns to face you, almost horrified to see that you’re looking their way, D.O hurries off and the others follow in suit. ______ The event bothers you for sometime. Even as you leave work after your shift you wonder what was going on outside after D.O left. And also, why had he introduced himself so suddenly to you? Were that group of boys in on it? An answer arrives the next day when the tall one who was waiting for D.O last time comes into the bakery along with two shorter boys. He walks straight up to the counter, not bothering with the menu. “Three coffees.” He orders, smiling at you. His grin is wide and long and the one beside him elbows his side. “Hey, don’t flirt with D.O’s girl.” He whispers, probably louder than he should have because you can hear him even when you turn around to get their drinks ready. “I’m not flirting, I just smiled at her Baekhyun. Also she isn’t D.O’s girl, not until he asks her out.” The one named Baekhyun apparently snorts. “Yeah and when is that going to happen? All he does is rant about how cute she is, but he couldn’t even ask for her number yesterday.” “Hey, he’s shy so it’s hard.” The third one chimes in and Baekhyun rolls his eyes. “Being shy isn’t an excuse Suho, D.O is a grown man - he should be able to ask a girl on a date.” When you turn back with their order, the three men shut up. The one in the middle who pays, smiles at you again and they venture over to a table by the window. You check the time and it’s already six o'clock. Like usual, the bakery door opens five minutes later. There’s D.O again, this time in a grey sweater, but accompanied by a nervous look on his usually calm and collected features. His eyes dart to the group sitting by the window. All three motion to you and you pretend not to notice them as D.O approaches.  “Hello, I’d like the usual.” He says, swallowing and wiping his forehead. His gaze is on your hands as he speaks, not your eyes and even when he gives you the money he refuses to look up. You get his coffee and muffin ready, but when you turn around you see that he’s looking over at his friends and mouthing something to them. You clear your throat to get his attention and he turns back with an embarrassed apology. You grin and tell him it’s not problem and D.O takes his order, but doesn’t go over to join his friends. “Oh, do you need anything else?” You ask, being polite since he looks a little lost.  “C-Can-Can you take me to the bakery?” Kyungsoo stutters and you look at him in confusion, what does he mean, he’s already in a bakery? You think that maybe he’s hit his head, but before you can answer, Kyungsoo mumbles something else under his breath. “Because I’d like to order a cutiepie like you….” Stunned to the point of silence, it takes you a second to register what in the world he’s talking about and then it hits you- he’s using a pick-up line. The group of boys near the window burst into laughter. D.O looks like he’s been set on fire, flustered and biting his lip anxiously, as he holds his cup of coffee with shaking hands.  You’re not sure how to answer so you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. “Well good thing you’re already here because this cutiepie is fresh out of the oven.” D.O looks up, mouth parting in shock as you embarrassingly smile back. “W-wait does that mean you like me too?” He sounds like a surprised little kid, large eyes widening and face brightening up. You laugh, thinking he looks rather cute. “Was that what the cheesy pick-up line was for? That was your way of telling me you like me? D.O nods sheepishly and you look at his group of friends and then at him. "And I’m guessing they’re the ones who told you to say that?” He nods again and scratches the back of his neck with a weak chuckle. “They told me they were sick of hearing me talk about you, so they said I should ask you out, but I was too shy to think of an ice-breaker so they thought of one for me…..sorry it was so childish….” He trails off and you shake your head. “No, no I think it was great. Did you like my response?” He laughs, but tells you that he did. You want to keep talking, but another customer steps in line and D.O moves aside to let them order. After you’re finished with them, D.O tells you that he’ll go sit down and wait for your shift to be over. You tell him that he doesn’t have to, but D.O insists. When seven o'clock rolls around, the group leaves except for D.O, the tall one making a joke that if you don’t like your date with D.O, you should definitely give him a call. The comment earns him a punch in the gut from D.O and a smack on the head from the one named Suho.  After saying goodbye to them and to your co-worker, you walk out with D.O who stays with you until you get to your bus stop. “So…..” You start, putting your hands in your pockets because the night air is chilly. D.O reaches into his own and pulls out a pair of gloves, passing them to you. You try to say no, that he should keep them, but he insists and you finally take them and slip them on. D.O smiles shyly and asks if your warmer. You tell him your hands are, but you’re still a little cold and that you’re an idiot for not wearing something more appropriate. Suddenly D.O takes a step closer. “You can hug me, if you want…..” He offers. “You know, to get warmer….” He adds quickly and you think it’s adorable how his voice cracks a little with nervousness. But you take him up on his offer and scoot closer, so that your heads on his shoulder and D.O wraps a shaky arm around your waist. You two talk until the bus turns the corner and you have to let go. D.O holds your hand and before you board the bus you ask him if he’ll come and see you tomorrow. “I’ll visit every day from now on.” He promises. “Is it because the muffins and coffee are so good?” You joke and D.O laughs, pulling you closer again and planting a soft kiss on your forehead. “Yeah they’re pretty good, but I prefer the cutiepie cashier.”


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i cant stop the big ol stupid grin that i got from reading this cuteness.
Ohh that pick up line tho! LMAO!! 😂😂 This was the cutest thing ever! Love the awkwardness and shyness! 😊💖
Kyaaaaa!!! IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!! XD
I cringed so bad when he said that pickup line lol this story is adorable! 🐧
I want some more of his cuteness
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