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suga: that's SM entertainment. taehyung: why are they here jimin: isn't it obvious jungkook: why is hoeseok here? jimin: isn't it obvious! suga: he's probably going to sign with them or talk to them about something either way not sure if namjoon is going to like this. jungkook: leader hyung is going to be shocked or a little suspicious jimin: and we won't tell him. taehyung: what!? jimin: come on this is jhope. he knows better than to sign with them. suga: or does he hm? he's great at dancing and singing and rapping and making people smile. anyone could want him and he wouldn't even know. jungkook: no jimin is right. suga: why am I not surprised to hear that from jungkook taehyung: that's over now hyung! point is jimin is right we all know jhope. we know he's the best and everyone wants him but we all know he knows better. especially him as well. suga: I guess so..... jungkook: so then what should we do suga: hope that everything will be fine jimin: let's go guys creeping on hobi is cool *days later* jin's pov: I had a blast! we went swimming and had romantic dates! we did more too but it's so much to name. I hope the boys were good. best trip ever and even better with namjoon~ namjoon's pov: I think jin had fun I mean had only laughed and smiled big and got excited the whole time. I'm just glad that he had fun and that the boys better have been good. *namjoon and jin come back* taehyung: eomma and appa are here! suga: hey guys jungkook: how was the trip lovers~ jimin: do anything naughty? namjoon: yeah we kept saying jimin has no jams or no jungkook. jimin: the hell namjoon! hobi: hey guys how was the trip namjoon: it was good suga: what did you do the whole time hoeseok hobi: what do you mean suga: why don't you tell namjoon what's been up with SM entertainment and you namjoon: what? hobi: ah...i can explain..... part 9 of jin's love soon and part 4 of one in a million around today or tomorrow. tell me if you want to be removed or tagged and jin's love part 10 is the final one for jin's love. tagging! @nnatalieg @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @cutebabylay @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @jessicacosta90 @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @jaiipanda @abbyramey @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @msloyalheart @taehyungv @twistedpuppy @sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1 @Tiffanyhall @BBxGD @kpopandkimichi
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