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chapter 5 : Step 3

lexi Marie’s pov
As time went by things were going smoothly except for the fact that Suga would scold me. He's the only person who's ever spoken to me in such a manor. Although, I talked back and we argued he always won. I hated that. But the important thing was our relationship is believable and he shows his affection when others are around. All the girls wanted him even though so many rumors went around that I was paying him to do all this. Yes it's true but I wasn't going to croak and neither was he. After all I am paying him 2,000 a week. Since for now everything is just the basics, hmm, what if I try more drastic measures? Maybe have him put his hand in my back pocket while we walk or maybe give him a kiss on the cheek when he drops me off to class? Or maybe be playful with him? Ew, what am I thinking? That's gross. I'd never do that with the likes of him...but I will do what's necessary for them to believe he's actually mine.
Tiffany: Hey Marie.
"Hey Tiff." I said.
Tiffany: So you and it real?
"Of course it is. But you know commoners they take things really slow." I said.
Tiffany: So you like him? Like you're actually in love with a commoner? Does your dad know?
"No, I haven't seen him. Love?" I asked.
Tiffany: yeah, you know. L-O-V-E.
"As if. I only love me, myself and I" I said.
Tiffany: so you're using him?
"No, I never said that but I don't love him" I said.
Tiffany: Like then?
She asks too many questions. Of course I have to like him, well, pretend to anyway.
"Yeah, I do. I wouldn't be with him if I didn't..." I said.
Tiffany: I think you'll fall in love soon. You guys look good together.
She's insane! I'd never love that idiot; he's so annoying and cocky!
"Heh. Yeaaahh...maybe" I said.
Tiffany: You know, Dylan seems pretty determined to see you guys slip. He really doesn't like you Marie.
I shrugged. "I could care less. He's just mad I chose Suga over him."
Tiffany: Yeah I think the same. So where'd Suga take you on the first date? He seems like a romantic kind of guy.
More like annoying, stupid and full of himself. Although..
"Date? We haven't been on any dates..." I thought out loud.
Tiffany: What?! That's a no no! You have to! Ohh lets make it a double date!
My eyes widened. "What!"
Tiffany: You said you haven't been on a date yet right?
Tiffany: I got everything covered. Just go get ready, hurry up.
I sighed. Wonder how this will go, no use stopping her now. She's already got the initiative.
"Stella!" I called
Stella: Yes?
"Umm, I know I never ask this...but uh...what should I wear for my date?" I asked a bit embarrassed.
She was surprised.
"I mean you don't have too. I just-"
Stella: Are you going with Master Suga?
"I-I...well, Tiffany said...I..."
She chuckled.
I blushed. "It's not like it means anything! It's just a date, who cares what I wear right? It's just a stupid date. It means nothing, I was just acting...pretending to care. You can go now, heh."
I was kinda embarrassed.
Stella: As you wish
She smiled and walked out.
I looked through my clothes, what to wear, what to wear? Hmm. Well I guess I could wear some skinny jeans, flats and a cute shirt. I got dresses and straightened my hair.
Tiffany: You ready?
I walked out of the restroom.
Tiffany: You look..really wow. I like your shirt.
"Thanks, it's Prada" I smiled.
Tiffany: I love the flats too~ you look great. Come on. Sebastian should be back soon.
"Sebastian? Where'd he go?" I asked.
Tiffany: To pick Suga up of course.
"But, you said it was a double date." I looked at her.
Tiffany: Well...I kinda changed my mind. Hehe. You and Suga. It'll be fun. So go.
She pulled me out of my room and we took the elevator downstairs. I sighed. I felt kind of nervous honestly.
Pay couldn't come fast enough! I wanted my money already, I was eager to buy the stuff already. I mean tomorrow IS payday but I wish I had the money already, maybe I should just kiss her already to get that advance, it's a pretty smart thing to do. But maybe too soon? Who cares? She'll have to pay me once it's done.
J-Hope: Say Suga, what're you gonna say if someone asks you where you took her on the first date?
"Huh? What do you mean? Dates are for real couples which fortunately Marie and I aren't." I said.
Jimin: But you have to act like you are so you should take her out on a date.
"No way, she doesn't pay me enough to do that. Our deal was school only not outside of school and certainly NOT going on dates. I wouldn't be caught dead with her out in public. Besides I'm sure she's been all over Korea and probably foreign countries so it would be a waste of time." I said as I yawned and lay back on the floor.
Jin: Suga, one date wouldn't kill you besides you might grow fond of her.
Jungkook: Yeah, I mean she's not ugly.
"What're you guys getting at?" I opened one eye.
V: She's really popular, pretty, kind.
"Kind? Did that word seriously just come out of your mouth?" I sat up.
RM: She's not that bad bro, she's nice.
"You guys are being brain washed. She's annoying, conceited, spoiled, stupid and over all wicked. I can't stand her. I have no idea what you guys are talking about"
Jimin: Have you ever actually talked to her? Dude she's cool.
"I don't get paid to talk to her. Look, it's just, I don't want anything to do with her. I'm doing this whole 'boyfriend' thing because it benefits us. I wouldn't date her if she's was the last woman on earth. I'd rather jump off a cliff." I lay back down.
J-Hope: That's just harsh. You don't dislike her that much.
"I do. Her maid on the other hand, she's cute." I smiled.
V: Clara?
"Yup. After this whole thing is over with I think I'm gonna ask her out" I said.
Jungkook: That's mean.
Jin: You're gonna throw Marie away for a maid?
I scoffed. "You act as if i like Marie. I don't and never will, so there. Can you change the subject? This is boring me"
RM: Your phone.
He handed it to me.
Tiff: Suga~ hey! What're you doing?
"Uhh..Nothing really. Just kickin it with the guys, why?"
Tiff: So is that a nothing or something?
Tiff: Perfect. Get ready cuz Sebastian is coming to pick you up.
"For what?"
Tiff: Just do it okay?
I sighed. "Does this have anything to do with Marie? If it does I'm not interested."
Tiff: Why not?
J-Hope rolled up a magazine he was reading and hit my head.
"You idiot! She doesn't know this is fake!" He whispered.
My eyes widened.
"Heh. Heh. Mianhe, I was only kidding." I said and laughed awkwardly.
Tiff: Hahaha! Aw, Suga you're so funny. Well umm just get ready okay? Sebby said he'd be there in 20 minutes.
"Uhh, Okay."
Tiff: This is so exciting! Okay bye~
I hung up.
Jimin: What'd she say?
"To get ready cuz Sebastian was coming to get me. Man, this better be important." I groaned.
Jungkook: Does it have to do with Marie?
I shrugged. "I hope not. But who knows, Tiffany didn't say. She just told me to get ready"
Jin: what're you gonna wear?
"Black jeans, white T, black and white converse, black and white varsity jacket with a black snap back." I said.
V: Well what're you waiting for? Hurry up!
Marie’s pov
I walked out to the front. Sebastian was parked already and waiting on me so he could open the door for me. I took a deep breath. I can do this. I walked down the stairs and walked to the car; Sebastian smiled at me and opened the door.
I stepped inside and there he was. He looked at me and sighed, guess he doesn't know what this is. He seems really annoyed. I rolled my eyes and sat down. Sebastian closed the door then got to driving; I didn't even know where we were going.
Suga: What do you want? You know this isn't part of what our deal.
It hasn't been 10 seconds and he's already complaining! I really wanna push him out the window right now but I guess I'll pretend I don't know what's going on either.
"This isn't my idea, Tiffany said Sebastian was taking me somewhere little did I know it included a peasant. So shut up and wait until we get to where he's gonna take us"
He rolled his eyes. "Annoying idiot." He muttered.
"Filthy rat...." I said under my breath.
Ugh, I hate him! Why was I ever nervous to begin with?! He's so stupid! I crossed my arms across my chest, I will NEVER think aloud around her ever again! I swear she's naive and crazy for even setting up such a thing. I sighed. I suppose I should pay him for coming, after all, it seems he had no choice. Tiffany doesn't know this is all fake. How much do you pay someone for going on a date with you any? 2,000? 3,000? Hmm, I suppose it depends on what you do on the date.
Suga: Hey.
I looked up and met his gaze. Why is he staring at me?
"What?" I asked.
Suga: Uh, do you know where we're going?
I shrugged and looked out the window.
Suga: Umm...
I sighed. "What is it now?" I looked at him.
Suga: You look nice. I like your hair and makeup...
My eyes widened. I felt as if I were beginning to blush, did he just complement me?
"Uh, thanks...You look nice too" I said and turned back to staring out the window.
What the hell am I doing? Allowing myself to get flustered over his silly comment. No, Lexi Marie Tipton never lets herself get swept away by such things.
Suga: You thanked me...
O.o oh my gosh....I DID!
"So?" I gave him a little bit of attitude.
I wasn't gonna let him think I liked his comment. Because I didn't!
Suga: Whatever. Conceited brat.
I opened my mouth to insult him back but Sebastian interrupted.
"We're here milady and master" he said.
We both looked around.
"An amusement park?" I said in utter surprise.
Suga: Please don't tell me she set us up on a stupid date. Damn it.
He really doesn't want to be here.
"It's empty" I said.
Sebastian: Miss Tiffany Rented it out for the two of you. So the park is yours for 3 hours, the park closes at 10 so after 8 people will be let in. Do what you please.
Suga sighed and said something under his breath.
"Well, I guess if she already rented it for 3 hours might as take advantage of it..."
He looked at me. "You're kidding right? A date? The two of us? No way"
I shrugged. "Stay here then. I'll go by myself."
Sebastian opened the door for me and I got out. I felt excited, I've never been to a place like this before.
Sebastian: Master Suga are you coming.
He groaned but got out of the car. I looked at all the pretty lights and all the games and rides there. I felt like a child walking to a candy store.
Sebastian: I'll be right here waiting milady enjoy your date.
I smiled.
Sebastian looked at me in surprise. Like he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
Suga and I walked inside the amusement park. He still seemed all bored but I wasn't going to let him ruin it for me. I can't believe I'm actually here.
"What do you wanna do?" He asked.
I shrugged. "I don't know. I've never been to a place like this before." I said as I looked around.
"What?! Never been here? You're missing out Marie. This is a really cool place, come on. I'll show you where the good games and rides are." He said.
He seems to have lighten up a bit now. I followed him.
"How much is this game?" I asked him.
I saw a really cute bear, it's adorable. All brown and it's face was just so cute!
"It's 5 dollars. You have to knock all those bottles down" Suga explained.
My mouth dropped. "5 dollars?! That's it?" I asked.
That's so cheap!
"Yup. You wanna play? But be warned, it's kinda hard" he said.
"Can you do it?" I asked. "I want that bear."
"No way. You do it" he said.
"Fine. I will" I rolled my eyes.
No manners clearly. I gave the man 20 dollars. That's 4 tries.
He gave me a ball. This game seems simple I suppose, I really want that bear. I aimed and threw it.
Suga laughed. I managed to hit only one.
Man: It's okay you can try again.
I'll show him! I can do this! I threw the second one.
Suga: You suck.
"Ya! I still have two more tries!" I yelled.
I tried again and again but nothing. I sighed. This game is stupid anyway!
"Let's go so something else. I'm bored."
Suga: Right
We walked to some other games. He won a little plush teddy bear.
Suga: And that's how you win. It's called skills sweetheart which you don't have.
"I don't care. I can buy myself a bear. Hmph." I said.
Suga: You know you wanted that bear. But you couldn't get it~
"I said I don't care! Gosh you're such a jerk..."
He was making me feel bad. So I can't play any games big deal! I took a deep breath and looked around.
"What's that?" I asked.
"It's a Ferris wheel. You wanna go?" He asked.
"It looks really high, are those things safe?" I asked.
"Yeah, it's not a scary ride. It's slow and steady" he said.
"Can we go? don't have to. I'll just go." I said and began walking towards it.
"The entrance is on that side." He called out.
"Oh." I said and went where he told me.
Man: You by yourself? Such a pretty young lady like you.
"Umm well I-"
"No, I'm coming with her" I heard Suga say.
Why? It's clear he's not comfortable around me nor that he wants to be here. Not that I blame him. Everyone sees me like the spoiled rich girl it's only natural that he sees me the exact same way. We got on, I began to feel scared.
"I changed my mind. I don't know if I wanna do th-....Ahhh!!" I closed my eyes as I moved up.
This is not safe! Not safe!
Suga laughed. "Don't tell me you're scared?"
"No! I just...this thing is rocking back and forth!" I exclaimed.
"Oh, you mean like this?" He swayed it even more.
"Stop! I'm not kidding!" I yelled.
He kept doing it. I was panicking. I covered my eyes and was so scared I began to cry.
"Marie...Are you crying?" He said surprised.
I wiped my eyes. "Just shut up! I hate Tiffany for doing this!" I yelled. I looked down. "Hey! You! Please...Get me down from here...."
The thing began moving downward. This is so stupid! Why did I ever agree to this?! I just wanted to go home....
Man: Are you alright miss?
"I'm perfect thanks...." I said and walked off.
"Hey! Wait!" Suga called out.
Jerk! The least he could've done was be...nice....after all I've never been here. But who cares. It was dumb. I don't like it. Nothing. This is a mediocre place to have fun in, I can do a million things better than this! I felt Suga grab my arm.
"I said wait!"
I pulled away from him. "Just stop okay?! I wanna go home! If you wanna stay the go right ahead! Tiffany is an idiot for setting me up like this! I hate this place and I hate that it's YOU I had to be here with! You're such a jerk! If you didn't wanna be here in the first place then why didn't you just tell Tiffany you were busy huh?! I don't need your pity!"
I was so mad I was about to cry. Ugh! I walked back to the limo.
Sebastian: Back so soon? You were only there for about an hour and a half.
"Just shut up and drive" I stepped inside.
Suga was right behind me. I didn't acknowledge his presence.
Sebastian: Milady where to?
"Home then take Suga home..." I said.
Tiffany...she's still at my house. I sighed.
"On second thought, take Suga home then take me to the beach. I wanna sit on the sand for a while and watch the ocean." I said.
Sebastian: As you wish.
He began driving. I stared out the window, I guess in a way, now I know how others have felt when I treated them badly. I refuse to ever go out again like this, it's best we keep things the way they are. I took a deep breath.
"I don't care what you have to say to me. It's fine. Whatever it is you want to tell me, keep it to yourself..." I said.
Then it was quiet again. The car stopped.
I took out my check book and wrote him a check then and there. "Tomorrow's pay day anyway. Take it and go" I said as I handed it to him.
"But this is-"
"I know. It's for coming with me, being brought against your will isn't exactly something I can fix but yeah. It wasn't part of our agreement. I'll see you later." I said.
He looked at me then without another word he got out and closed the door. Sebastian drove off. I still felt upset. Does he really hate me that much? That he can't even spend 3 hours with me alone....Am I that bad of a person?
Sebastian: We will arrive at the beach in about 15 minutes milady.
-Suga’s pov
Ugh! Why do I feel so bad?! I feel unspeakably guilty and like a jerk! I threw the teddy bear I had won on my bed. This is ridiculous! How can I feel bad? About her out of all the people to feel bad about, why her? I suppose it was a bit much scaring her on the Ferris wheel. After all she did say she had never been to an amusement park before. I stared at the check she have given me, '7,000.00'. I was supposed to get 2,000 but....
"But this is-"
"I know. It's for coming with me, being brought against your will isn't exactly something I can fix but yeah. It wasn't part of our agreement. I'll see you later."
-End of Flashback-
Ugh! Get it together Suga! Why should I care if she's all upset and gloomy?! She makes people feel like that ALL the time!
Jin: You're back early, what you got there?
"My check. She decided to pay me today." I said.
Jin and I are roommates.
Jin: She? You mean you were with Marie? Anything happen?
"Uh, funny you should ask. Heh."
Jin: Don't tell me you got fired in the process.
"No but I made her cry...sort of"
Jin: Made her cry?!
"She deserves it! She makes other people feel bad too! She got a taste of her own medicine"
Jin: There has to be a motive behind that and well what's she done to you? I mean she's paying you pretty much to show her affection and stuff
"At school. That doesn't mean I have to show that affection outside of school" I said.
Jin: But still someone from school might bump into you guys or whatever.
"That's not gonna happen cuz I'm not going on any dates with her. Tiffany set us up" I explained.
Jin: And that was Marie's fault?
"Well...No but"
Jin: But nothing. She wanted to have a good time and you ruined it for her.
"I didn't ruin anything, she's the one..."
Well, now that I think about it...I was kind of a jerk to her....
Jin: I assume your conscience is making you remember your mistake. I'm going to bed now, I have a geometry test in the morning. Night.
Jin walked out of my room. Hmm, what to do...she's at the beach but if I go she'll ignore me and tell me to leave or she'll leave. One of the two. Aish! Dumb annoying girl, what are you doing to me?! I walked back and forth thinking on what I should do. I sat on my bed and lay back on the mattress. I saw the teddy bear next to me. Hmm. I smiled. The light bulb was on. I know what I need to do.

>>>>>>>>>>>TO BE CONTINUED.....

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